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  • X71280 X71280 Jan 3, 2000 11:18 AM Flag


    PZN should represent a windfall of profits in the
    coming years for the lawyers. We as stockholders have
    already taken a bath in this stock. The lawyers will
    continue to punish present and future shareholders of this
    company. Doc has opened the door to this shark feeding
    frenzy. I like the idea of criminal action. It punishes
    the guilty, not innocent shareholders.

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    • More in control than you could possible guess!

    • A) Yes, and I would suggest that it is not
      necessary for posters here to compile a list of possible
      legal transgressions by PZN. The lawyers make a lot of
      money and can do that research for themselves with much
      more expertise, and perhaps without the lack of
      clarity brought about by our moral indignation.

      I don't know. I think they vary from state-to-state
      of incorporation, so that's why I suggest reading
      that section of the perspectus carefully. I'd be glad
      to discuss this when we both have the

      C) Some indians in New England might disagree, but I
      won't quibble.

      D) I was right at $22 as well,
      but fraud was not a part of that equation. I expected
      either the dividend to be canceled, or the company to
      bear the negative effects of paying it. I didn't
      expect BOTH. And that is the effect of this deal if
      approved- NO dividends AND dilution! We've already added
      excessive and costly leverage.

    • Go ahead and scream if it will make you feel
      better. No where on this board (or anywhere else) have I
      seen CA law that allows for what the company is trying
      to do in Cal City.

      I live in CA, I have seen
      what the unions out here have been able to do. They
      have beaten EVERY single piece of legislation the
      company has run out here. In fact, they are the ones that
      ran the legislation PROHIBITING private companies
      from importing inmates into the state.

      With all
      the uncertainty (and a good dose of dishonesty) by
      Crants et al, why would anyone trust what they are
      saying without ANY proof?

      Yes, Ive asked this
      question many times. I guess I keep hoping that someone
      will give me a straight answer. David Myers keeps
      saying no problem - the company has put in a bid. If you
      have read the BOP RFP, you would understand my
      concerns. I'm just looking for an answer.

      of jumping on me for asking if we have a $100
      million boondoggle, why don't you either ignore my posts
      or help me find the answer.


    • I'd also like to address the comment sometimes
      made here that Doc has lost millions in this whole PZN
      affair. The point is not what he has lost- that is a
      matter of what he was worth to start with- but what he
      stands to take away at the end, and whether those
      'leftovers' are disproportionately skimmed from the remaining
      equity of PZN shareholders.

      And the thought does
      not end with Doc. It seems this deal is made solely
      to enrich (or at least to make less poor) all the
      ownership of service companies and OPCO. For any deal to be
      acceptable to PZN shareholders, those entities should have
      their equity in the combination reduced to zero. That's
      just as a starting point. Then what is needed to go
      forward in terms of liquidity and how the future pie
      could be split can be addressed. But, of course, that
      only happens if someone is concerned with their
      fiduciary responsibility to shareholders.

    • I'm gonna scream if you ask that question again.
      How many times now...10...20...100?
      Why is this so
      important? Do you think you have found something that dozens
      of lawyers on various payrolls have missed? Sell
      your stock if this really bothers you.

    • They are paying for the call? I want to hear Doc answer a few questions from shareholders! Wonder if they'll keep him muzzled? Wonder if Junior will be there?

    • I didn't hear it, but it hasn't done much for the
      stock. This board was apparently down for a time, so few
      messages. Did I understand that Doc will still be an
      officer of this company? You mean "they" still don't get

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