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  • jacalob jacalob Jan 26, 2000 2:42 PM Flag

    CCA Correctional Officers

    The State is hiring Correctional Officers at better benefits, better pay.just come from applying.May be a futher driver for a whil, but the benefits, and pay will make up the diference.

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    • today at 1 1/8 was that you?

    • great ,there has'nt been any liquidity in the options..this should give me a chance to buy the august 5's and if the stock is at $7.00 then i'll get a 100% return

    • I bought for 4 1/16, sold Aug 5 calls for 1. If its 5 or more by Aug I make 2 dollars. This is 50% return, simple unless the Co. goes broke which I doubt.

    • I don't post often but try to read all the posts.
      The tone of many familiar names seems to drip with
      fear; even a little panic. I'm in for quite a few
      shares that I thought I was smart buying, on the advice
      of many of you who I considered above average
      investors. Shows to go you, when you follow

      First, PZN is NOT a REIT; they are a corp. like every
      other one. Corporations that make money hand over fist
      don't go bankrupt, especially when they have valuable
      assets that can be liquidated. That's the first and most
      important fact that I don't see addressed.

      This deal
      which is designed to save management first and
      foremost, is totally dumb. The "white knight" gets the
      castle and all the nubile princesses for his heroic act.
      We lay prostrate at his feet in gratitude. This is
      pure Bullsh*t, plain and simple. I've never seen such
      crap and more dishonesty in one place. I suspect, with
      good reason, some of the aliases posting

      Let's vote this insane option down the tubes, and have
      a little courage. Hopefully, the bastards don't
      have the votes, but usually they have them before they
      bother to try. No one has been honest with us before
      this; why should we believe this is an


    • institutions usually have charters just like
      funds that specify what stocks they can buy and usually
      they are not under 5 or 10 bucks and this is
      definitely not on the list of things to buy
      keep telling
      yourself that tho
      just like the dividend is coming the
      dividend is coming
      good god!

    • How much lower? That is a question that has
      haunted us all. Good news, we only have 4+ dollars to
      give up. The upside opportunity is greater than the
      downside risk. I suspect we will hold these levels, might
      make a run down to 4 to 3.75 area.

    • I agree.

    • Up until now we have had a limited look into
      OPCO. Gross and net numbers, not a real look at the
      breakdown of revenue and costs being a private company. We
      will see in the new proxy a look at maybe what's
      really been going on.

      FWIW I have noticed fairly
      good bids for a while now(unlike at $5-$9 range).
      Professional buyers just sitting at the bid, buying as sellers
      come in. At $4 some awfully big institutions can get a
      decent chunk of stock for small dollars in the world's
      largest private prison company.

      Technically we are
      floating with no past low to support things. This is not
      good. It usually means a low has to be established with
      volume as sellers exhaust themselves. Hard to see this
      stock could experience any more of that, but them is
      usually the rules.

      One thing a continued sell off
      would do is make the new preferred less favored by the
      arbs and give the investment community a chance at it.
      At $4.25 a 25% premium puts the new preferred out of
      radar range at $5.66 conversion price. Right now the
      preferred would be trading at a 35% premium, might happen
      but weakly I would assume. With the old preferred at
      15.50%, it might possibly drop further if the new
      preferred trades badly. If the new preferred drops to a 25%
      premium that puts a 13.70% yield on it. No way the old
      preferred will hang at these levels if that happens,

      The other problem with a $4 stock price is the margin
      problem. Arbs wishing to hedge out risk by shorting the
      common must put up 100% of the short credit to put the
      trade on. Marginable stocks of course need only 50%.
      Putting up 100% increases the cost to the arb community,
      thus requiring a larger spread then otherwise
      required. I become wary of the old preferred on a short
      term basis.

    • term gains. It's a waiting game now.

    • do you think PZN will go, before going back above 10?

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