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  • RAUGAR RAUGAR Feb 3, 2000 11:27 AM Flag

    to reversr and wild

    been out of toucch for awhile...did not think my
    $4 target would be hit a week lattewr....worth
    buying as it should not go under.....but the future for
    the industry is not so that the trends will
    continue perhaps of lower crime and certainly govt are not
    under as much pressure a 3 to 5 years ago to save
    money....and general economy and tax collections may stay
    strong for many years...but at returning to 6 to
    10 makes it a good investmets...but those looking
    for the good old way....

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    • <<<my last post here.>>>

      Thak goodness. One less illiterate jerk who can only
      express himself with foul language.

      Let the
      lawsuits against PZN and its directors begin.

    • Sorry about your friends in Panama. That was one of Ollie's deals......

    • How can this stock fall so low unless bankruptcy is coming?

      What fraud this whole thing turned out to be.

      We all lost a ton!

    • did either of u morons read my posts? i generally
      hate lawsuits and am not suing.
      deedee since u are
      not long or short your opinion doesn't mean jack
      shit. your just one more idiot that comes on these
      boards thats taken no risk but in hindsight can see the
      world with 20/20 vision. when u get out of college and
      into the real world tell me the meaning of life.

      cantwalkfolong-my last post to u. u have had my prick in your mouth
      for so long u should know its exact size. u are what
      i thought u were some candy ass officer that sent
      the men out to get dirty for u. i had friends die in
      Panama on an airstrip because morons like u didn't
      understand what kind of missions to send us on.
      both of
      u, this lawsuit will be either brought to trial or
      settled u will see.
      your wasting my time, my last
      post here.

    • Read Deddi's post, she explains it better than

      As for breakfast in the Middle East, yea I had
      breakfast in the middle east right after I gave you orders
      to get your 2 inch prick in the water to go off on
      some mission. No one ever accused you guys of being
      too bright.....

    • Sorry you feel that way, but time will tell, you seem to believe their bull s*** and lies. wait and see.

    • u punk ass. sometimes people need to be held
      accountable kinda like Saddam. u have a bad habit of giving
      advice. what did u serve in the middle east breakfast?
      like i said before i am not suing. u arrogant piece of
      shit u doubt my background? FU

    • Anti-PZN people are not against free enterprise. We are against putting foxes in charge of the henhouse. I do not think fraud and deception are part of the democratic proccess. Calm down.

    • Give me a break. Invest in gov't securities if
      you want a sure payment. There are no guarantees. As
      for me working for PZN, I do not. I share your
      disappointment with recent events. Its funny how many people
      think they can sue someone to compensate for their own
      mistakes in judgement. Get over it, move on to another is too short.

      You sound too much like a
      victim to be an ex-Navy Seal. Those guys know how to
      make things happen as I served along side of some in
      the Middle East during the 80s......

    • Please take your medication, you sound very
      depressed! The business as you call it will always be
      around, the people running it will change.
      PZN will
      expand WORLDWIDE as in Australia and other countries.
      The company should sue the state of California for
      passing a law that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!! THE RIGHT TO

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