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  • dn_r_99 dn_r_99 Feb 25, 2000 1:20 PM Flag

    new offer and the current management

    Current management will probably try to kill this new offer because it does not protct them from liability suits. Presumably, stock holders can prevent that. Any comments?

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    • Thanks youve been a big help. Maybe I'll wait a couple months to see what happens. Did some charting & it looks like it may take a run to $5.00 +.

    • If current management opposes the Pac Life Plan,
      I think it will go through, anyway. If Doc and his
      gang lose their protection, it would be another great
      reason to back the Pac Life plan.

      Personally, I
      would derive pleasure from watching Doc go broke, after
      he deceived the PZN shareholders so badly.

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      • but the Pac Life Plan can't go through without
        management's backing because the current BOD still follows
        Doc's lead and the BOD decides whether or not to allow
        the Pac Life plan to come up for a vote. If they
        don't allow it to come up for a vote, then we aren't
        heard from.

        I think there's a good chance that
        Blackrock will come back with a slighly better plan (still
        maintaining Doc's liability coverage - that's what this whole
        thing is about) and the BOD, once again with ML's
        blessing, will accept the revised Blackrock for a
        shareholder vote.

        Either way, I hope this doesn't
        delay things much. I honestly think we are running out
        of time/cash.

      • Does anybody know of a link to Pacific Life? If
        so, it might be advantageous to post it

        Those of us who spend so much time here bitching, and
        who write to the company or the SEC to complain,
        might consider the advantages of writing to Pacific. A
        few hundred emails of encouragement and support might
        just be well-recieved, and even stiffen their resolve
        when management tries to poke holes in their

        The market is already voting on the soundness of the
        Pacific Life proposal, and if any of the presidential
        candidates had such a mandate they'd be packing for
        Pennsylvania Avenue. As the market price breaks five we might
        even see a supply bubble as the shorts and puts begin
        bailing out in panic.

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