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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Mar 31, 2000 8:49 AM Flag

    NewMK...You da man

    I will step a side and let you "cook" here. We
    all will wait for your return and analysis. I breezed
    thru the numbers and realized I'll get back in this
    stock when I don't need a CPA to read the

    Numbers looked like we expected, OPCO too. Ugh.

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    • You are right about the auditors. I thought about
      the scare tactic angle but we all know this would
      never happen. I really just wanted to share the article
      with everyone. Like many here, I am in the wait and
      see mode. What optimism I have is very, very guarded.

    • SEC. I agree with you.The first quarter
      results will be easier to read and give
      a true picture of the new PZN. I am holding
      off from committing new funds until then.

    • Flipper, like you, I look forward to a
      "simplified" summary of these statements and potential
      implications from NewMk, and numbers people like le_chacal,
      and others, who can add valid positive input. I
      repeat, valid, not far out what ifs.
      I agree, the
      numbers look like we expected - BAD. But they are at
      least out on the table. It is now time to start
      building again.
      OK, Pacific Life, get your proposal
      submitted in final form, put B/F on 5 day notice, and let's
      get the proxy out to the shareholders - large and
      small, from Dreman on down.
      Have a good weekend
      folks, our time is coming.

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      • What need our old pal GeneralJack back to discuss
        a few laws of "gravity" and stocks. This stock has
        so much technical damage it will have a lot of down
        gravitiy for awhile. The term is "stock overhead". The guy
        that wanted out at $10, and $9 and and and...that
        won't miss his change when it hits his price again. I
        don't see a panic to get back in. If this company pulls
        out there will be plenty of upside.

        rather get in a $6-$7 and deal with a good story with
        technical damage versus an unsure story with technical
        damage. We've had so much MIS information over the last
        year or two, nothing can be taking for certain. Fool
        me once shame on them, fool me twice, shame on

        I will step back in at the end of the rights period
        though, depending on the volume of traded rights and the
        price. I still would love a convertible preferred
        though. It's by far a better way than the common on these
        situations, they ain't fools at Fortress.

    • What disgusts me in reading through this material
      is not only seeing that the BOD is still even
      considering the Blackstone deal but that they have the right
      to meet the terms of any agreement reached with
      Pacific Life.

      That the BOD has granted these
      thieves this right naturally discourages competing
      offers, especially in light of the fees they recieve and
      the costs other suitors must bear. It is truely an
      incestous deal.

      But to find our that even if
      against all odds an agreement to save PZN from these
      people can be made workable by Pacific Life, they STILL
      might hijack our company is damnable.

      deserve every bad comment when they sue immediately
      following every downturn in market price, but in the case
      of PZN they have an open-and-shut case.

    • will look forward to further review from you on
      10k as well. The litigation seems to be a major
      concern for the company as well, although I don't
      remember seeing that it had to be settled before doing
      either deal, is that in the 10k?

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