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  • Jake1349 Jake1349 Apr 1, 2000 6:34 PM Flag

    IMO, Crisis will be worked out

    IMO, this crisis will be worked out � that�s my
    prediction. PZN is in this crisis primarily because of poor
    management, bad timing, and overextension. Pacific Life will
    work out a deal that will bail PZN out. PZN is in an
    industry whose future is bright � demand far exceeds
    supply in the prison privatization industry � that is
    the big, big picture that the number crunchers
    overlook. There is money to be made in this industry and
    PZN is the biggest player and has the name
    recognition � they are not a young upstart tech company just
    entering the field. That is to say, there is money to be
    made in this industry if only PZN had better and more
    effective management. And, IMO, it is this kind of thinking
    that prompted Pacific Life (and Blackstone) to step up
    to the table, so to speak. The same thing is true
    for the banks��it is in their better interest to have
    PZN survive because of the future business they [the
    banks] can get as a result�..for all the parties
    involved in this crisis (Pacific Life, Blackstone, the
    banks) there is more potential for money to be made by
    them if PZN survives than if it goes under, given the
    very positive outlook for the industry.

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    • Always appreciate your comments. It's realism is what counts and your posts have depicted the realism of what's happened to this company.

    • not short...know alot about co.....from time to
      time several people have posted asking for
      me....yes..i feel great getting out at my intent is not
      to save you from a downturn as i believe its 50 50
      as to does this stock bk or double...thou i do not
      think it will bk..but believe industry is not what it
      was...building new prison not happening...with this economy so
      strong less reason for govt to go private as you have
      this constant dumbeat of unions, newspapers, and
      politians against what you environment is behind to why so many post today just responding to the
      herbman...always good to see both so many lost so much
      as the stock crashed and burned 5 different
      times...i have been posting and bullish as i rode from 4 to
      44 and averaged alittle under 30....only comment
      that so many only see the upside...for those long time
      poster remember all the post that thought buyin on dips
      at 30 was a greAt opportunity...people bragging when
      they bought at 20 and the stock was 22...hell i bought
      a ton off stock a few months ago at 11 and thought
      i made the deal of the century...for some odd
      reason i sold at 10 and lost little with my
      dividend....but then that was posted months ago...ask the
      paperman or flipper they know i have been here for yers
      with major advice to you is do not read
      my post but others have asked for me...perhaps they
      want thoughts from someone who was lucky and or right

    • You claim to have no stocks long in PZN, but your
      posts continue to be very negative about this stock. If
      you sold 90% of your stock at 30, you should be
      feeling good about your profits. What is your intent now?
      To save us from a downturn? Too late. I think there
      is a real opportunity here and am long for a large
      investment (for me). If you have no money on the table, give
      us a break, if you are short have the guts to say

    • I could not have said it better myself!

      I started sinking money into CCA stock in 1993, it was a terrific ride watching the price go up then and will be again.

    • It is important to point out that the
      accountants' statement about having "substantial doubts" about
      PZN and CCA's financial solvency was made within the
      context of assuming that no special investor would be
      found to step in to bail out PZN. As all posters know,
      Pacific Life and Blackstone are "special investors" who
      have expressed an interest working out a deal.

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