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  • bigman_herb bigman_herb May 4, 2000 10:50 AM Flag

    I still expect to make millions...

    Bigman knows this business. Raugar is
    a lier. He never ever owned as many shares
    as he said he did. A bunch of BS.


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    • Thanks pzn_inmate!

    • A bear in sheep's clothing.

    • Maybe my point wasn't clear. I agree that many
      successful investors buy depressed stocks and do well at it.
      RAUGAR has not been a BUYER, he has been a SELLER,
      according to him. He claims to have no interest here. Does
      that mean that you think that bigman herb is
      Flipper, believe what you want, I think the guy has been
      less than honest and has been shorting all the way
      Good Luck,Flipper

    • I think you way out of line calling RAUGAR a
      liar. I have followed RAUGAR since the beginning and
      he/she has never stated a mis-truth. It is my impression
      RAUGAR knows a lot of this industry from an involvement
      years ago.

      Calling someone a liar because their
      opinion differs from you will be very costly to you in
      the long run in your investment future, IMO. What has
      RAUGAR "lied" about? Wrong predictions are not lies, and
      I can't remember him/her being wrong about
      him/her's prediction either. His "inside" calls seem to be
      right on the money.

      Comments he/she makes about
      prisons being "white elephants" is true. If it's not a
      prison, then is not worth as much. Resale prison beds to
      States has not been promising. Of course this is the
      negative side.

      I don't like to hear negative things
      about the investments I'm involved with either. But I
      realize in order to make a sound financial judgement I
      better find out if the negative information is wrong.
      RAUGAR has come up with clean marks and you should
      thanks him for giving you a different prespective than
      your own, I do. My father always stated the only way
      to really learn about an issue to read opinions
      counter to your own.

      The truth is we have been
      given bad information for CCA for quite some time about
      the real occupancy issue. If you followed this story
      long you should be well aware where the lying has been

      • 2 Replies to flipper_58
      • As you know, I've been around for awhile,like
        you, before RAUGAR started posting. I agree that he
        has been right about the direction of the stock. I
        also have little doubt that he has inside information
        of some sort. But I would challenge both of you to
        go back and read all of his posts, especially the
        posts where he talks about his ownership of shares,
        when he sold, how many he sold and at what price. You
        will find tons of inconsistencies.
        I've always
        considered you guys to be the more knowledgeable posters on
        this board-still do. But I find it confusing that you
        automatically assume that everything he has stated is true and
        has been in good faith. Not trying to squabble with
        you or RAUGAR-JMHO.
        BTW, ever wonder why r7ualj
        hasn't come back to throw this in our faces? He also was
        right about the direction of the stock price.

      • has nailed this thing at every turn and he's never lied.

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