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  • lmtrack lmtrack May 9, 2000 9:15 PM Flag

    wackenhut gettin' whacked

    CBS let the Whackos have it tonite on 60 Minutes II...lopsided, of course, but there's some real fire below all the smoke..

    300% staff turnovers, felons as guards, etc., etc.

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    • Everone is turning away from the private prison
      concept, Face it, It's not working gentlemen.
      The truth
      is private companys are below stanard, so therefore
      they have to hire below standard employees'.
      I know
      for a fact they hire felons off the street and give
      them a job guarding felons.
      so where is the right
      in this situation. Criminals guarding criminals,
      dosn't make sence to me at all.

      I believe the
      private prison concept is loosing ground fast, and will
      be over soon.
      Sorry stock holders, you all can
      talk about what once was, and what someday may be all
      you want, but facts, are facts, It's over for the
      rent-a-prison industry.

      • 4 Replies to ccasucks
      • You dont know what the hell your talking about.I
        get so frigging pissed setting here reading garbage
        that people like you write when you have no idea what
        the hell you're even talking about..I'll lay it out
        for you in easy to follow steps so even a person like
        yourself will know the steps to gaining employment with
        CCA. {Step 1} Apply for job at local unemployment
        office or get an application from personnel cordinator
        {Step 2}Interview with either the WARDEN,ASST. WARDEN
        and the PERSONNEL CORDINATOR.. {Step 3}Sign a
        BACKGROUND AUTHORIZATION form encluding their drivers
        license number and their SS number.. {Step 4}A background
        check is run through "Choice Point" which uses the FBI
        and LOCAL and STATE AUTHORITIES,, {Step5}IF THE
        step 6...IF NOT{AND I REPEAT IF NOT} then the hiring
        process is TERMINATED!! {Step 6} Urinalisis test which
        not only checks for illegal drugs but perscription
        drugs AS WELL.If perscription drugs are found, they
        MUST submit a six month pharmacy record for that drug
        or drugs.{IF not, hiring process is TERMINATED}
        {Step 7}If drug test is passed, physial is now
        required.. {Step 8}If they pass the physical along with ALL
        previous checks, THEN and only THEN are they offered a
        JOB.. They then complete 2 weeks of basic training
        followed by two weeks of on the job training, and are also
        required to complete two weeks of additional training
        every year.And before they switched the local prison
        over from handeling KY prisoners to Indiana prisoners
        the guards were trained at the state police training
        facility in Louisville.These are ALL Facts..No opnions on
        my part..ALL FACTS..If these are the hiring practice
        at this CCA run prison, then you'll have a hell of a
        hard time convincing me that they are more lax in ANY
        of thier other prisons.

      • The government run prisons hire felons, too. The
        calibre of employee in the state run prisons is no better
        and sometimes not as good as the private run prisons.
        For every reported abuse in the private sector, there
        are probably several in government operated prisons.
        Now, I'm not justifying any of the abuses that go on
        in private industry, I believe both government and
        private prisons need a lot of cleaning up, but it is
        easier to hold private prisons accountable than the
        state run ones. Witness California where the guard
        union controls the governor, the legislature, and the
        State Attourney General (or whatever they call him in
        California). The guards literally get away with


      • Sorry you lazy, stupid government employee. Private enterprise works because it doesn't require protection like you losers that need laws to protect your jobs. Go live in Cuba, you pathetic loser.

      • If CCA taught you how to punctuate and spell then I think you have a legitimate complaint.

        As you say "but facts, are facts" and you haven't provided any.

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