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  • underinv underinv May 10, 2000 11:09 PM Flag

    Seeking Expert Advice??

    I have been monitoring the stock for a while. The
    numbers seem to point to an upturn. Making it a Buy. Yet,
    the stock price seems to scream "Beware". There seems
    to be nothing but negative press from the industry.
    Based on the limited research I have done, seems that
    most States have began to turn away from
    privitazation? You experts give me your thoughts in laymans

    Thanks in advance
    Hoplessly lost in

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    • For a REIT on steroids, this beast has really
      taken the gas. According to flipper's hyperlink source,
      PZN revenues fell to $287 mil (about two bucks a
      share?). Revenues reflect the loss of "management revenue"
      (OPCO), but we were assured that these funds would be
      passed through to PZN in lease payments. Net loss
      includes $76 mil "impairment loss" and a $65.7 mil
      writeoff charge. Where, oh where, has the money gone? To
      money heaven, or into someone's pocket? One advantage
      of the merger is that OPCO's books get opened, then
      we may be able to find the pea.

    • I have every reason to be angry. I've lost what
      would be a life savings for most in PZN. Are Tom
      Beasley and Doc Crants idiots, of course not. The REIT
      merger was great on paper and I'm not sure most
      understood it, that was part of the problem. Of course the
      valuations were screwed up..they were valued with 40% lease
      rates and inflated to meet tax laws. The POINT of this
      whole thing was a tax game to appease income investors.
      This was all was clear months after the

      The problems surfaced when Doc failed to talk and
      explain about the occupancy problems,IMO.

    • recently strong group (present company <PZN> excepted).

    • Stock is now bouncing between 95 - 96 1/2
      Tomorow Might Be 106,,,,,,
      Look at Ebay yesterday,, went down to 109,,
      recovered to day at a hight of 119,,,,,

    • Bought Yahoo at 115,,, 113 3/8
      Sold AT 120,,,,,, Just 300 shares !!!!
      Better Than waiting for Pzn To SOME DAY Go Up.

    • Pacific Life takes over. That is not going to
      happen until lawsuits against the company are settled.
      This is a speculative buy, based on a new injection of
      cash by Pacific Life and those of us who hold stock,
      and others, buying rights that will be issued if
      Pacific Life does take over.
      I would advise you to
      researh the history and track record of CCA before it's
      merger with PZN. Also, you can get trends and opinions
      from the ACA and the Federal Bureau of Prisons on
      privatization. My advice to you would be to continue to watch
      the stock and learn more about privatization. I think
      if you have at least a 5 year horizon, you can make
      some money after the company is reorganized. If you
      are a day trader, or looking for a quick buck you
      will never be happy with this stock, IMHO

    • In layman's terms--buy now for maximum risk and return potential or wait for more information to minimize risk and return.

      • 2 Replies to pkn4mom
      • What A Joke This Stock Is.
        I bought in at 3
        and sold at 3 ...
        Guess I was one of the lucky
        If I had any Shares Of this Stock ,,
        I would
        dump NOW !
        There is No Way This Baby is ever going
        Move Back Up To 3 in the next 6
        ((((( Just My Thoughts )))))

      • SUCK!!!

        Only reason they are not being
        blasted is
        that the governments cover it up as to
        awful they truly are.
        Your typical government
        employee is lazy,
        useless and does about 1/4 of the
        of your private sector employee.

        employees are the laziest of any

        go to a DMV office? They go on break
        even if the
        line is super long.
        It takes them 15 mins to
        make one copy.

        So enough BS about goverment
        run prisons being
        better. THEY AREN'T. END OF

        PZN would have been in great shape if it
        for corrupt management.

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