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  • pkn4mom pkn4mom Aug 30, 2000 10:10 AM Flag

    Pacific Life votes

    IMO the labor market will ultimately be the key
    to the success of private prison enterprises. PZN's
    problems aside (though I should say that I would
    characterize them as more "ego" than "theivery" based--lack of
    foresight rather than criminal intent), the cost of labor
    will ultimately be the difference between public and
    private. I think that the good economy has worked against
    the privates in this battle. Unions were originally
    developed to protect worker rights, however over the past
    30 years or so, federal and state laws have been
    passed to provide this protection. IMO it is
    increasingly difficult to justify the need for a
    union--especially from an employee perspective when it comes to
    fair treatment. Currently the primary benefit from a
    union is not job protection or safety, it is higher
    wages. When there are not enough workers to go around,
    they will elect to work union for the pay and
    consequently the privates must pay more to retain enough
    staff. If unemployment increases, however, workers will
    be forced to take the lesser-paying jobs at the
    privates--allowing the privates to offer savings to the government
    plus profits for the shareholders. The unions argue
    that this will cause unfair treatment of employees.
    IMO the jury is still out on that issue.

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