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  • ugadawg_98 ugadawg_98 Aug 27, 2000 10:17 PM Flag

    I'll leave it at this.....

    Tmacker, I feel your pain. I think this
    encapsulates the argument:

    "There is no reason that any shareholder
    needs to
    vote with the majority."

    This assumes one
    knows where the majority
    is, assumes that all the
    are voting the same way, and assumes
    this won't be a close vote. As a previous
    pointed out, not even all the
    "insiders" are voting
    the same way. As I
    said before, if you aren't
    sure, just don't
    vote. It's that simple. Voting "no"
    the hope that somebody will think for
    is moronic and might have very bad
    for those of us who actually
    invested in this

    As for the usual helping of sanctimony,

    I'll just ignore it this time.

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    • Your position of voting no and let the
      institutions decide had some merit. However, now I feel you
      may have an alternative motive since you continue to
      press the point.

      PL would be the most
      knowledgeable of the institutions after they gained inside
      knowledge during their investigation. PL has stated they
      will vote yes. Why would we now take a risk that the
      vote doesn't win? Who, other than insiders we don't
      trust, would have better information then

      If your purpose was simply to allow those with the
      most knowledge to determine the best course of action,
      why haven't you thrown your full support behind PL
      and push for a yes vote?

      PL is definitely the
      most knowledgable of the institutions. Based on PL's
      position what is your reason for not pushing for a yes

      Your position should have changed if your
      orginal postings were really motivated toward the best

      PL's stance and the fact that they didn't dump their
      stock indicates they believe this is the best course of


    • Thanks. I appreciate your

      Unfortunately, I have no incontrovertible investment analysis.
      Considering that I once thought PZN to be a good buy, you
      should look pretty critically at any investment that I

      Also, I probably have looked at PZN more thoroughly
      than anything else, simply because this active board
      has held my attention.

      In REITs I like HCN.
      As a possible turnaround with an internet potential,
      I like JCP. For technology at a reasonable price, I
      like SYMC. However, I haven't looked at any of these
      as thoroughly as I should. I would appreciate any
      critical feedback you may have on these stocks. Perhaps
      you can save me some money!

    • For what it's worth, you've convinced me of the
      soundness of your thinking.

      Do you have such a
      thorough and incontrovertible analysis for any investable
      situations that you'd care to share with us? (Only if you've
      already bought as much as you can or want to, of course.)

    • You say you will ignore the "usual helping of
      sanctimony", but I note that did not stop you from throwing
      out your usual insult (the term,

      You seem to fear that some of the institutions will
      vote no. If this turns out to be a close vote, that
      would show that a lot of shareholders do not consider
      this a simple choice between the management proposal
      and bankruptcy. Either way, I will not be
      management's rubber stamp.

      • 2 Replies to yieldseeker
      • As always, playing the injured party,

        ignoring the message.

        Yieldseeker writes:
        this turns out to be a close vote,
        that would show
        that a lot of
        shareholders do not consider this a
        simple choice between the management proposal and
        bankruptcy. Either way, I will not
        be management's rubber

        I'm not asking you to, but you're as
        making assumptions that the institutions
        will vote as
        a monolithic block. If this
        is a close vote and
        we go into BK because
        people voted "no" not
        because they feel
        negative about the proposal, but
        they're simply ignorant, then we all
        (or at least those of us with shares).

        you like to question motives, I'm
        really curious
        as to the preference of
        voting no over simply
        not voting.
        If someone doesn't know, then they
        shouldn't vote. Voting no out of
        is MORONIC. There, you got a "bad" word.
        Now you
        can dodge the issue again and focus
        on that.

      • can anyone tell me does this company own cac and if they do what do u think about the stock at this price will they get there act together

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