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  • rlledford rlledford Aug 29, 2000 12:49 PM Flag

    Real World Names

    I quit posting to this board because I don't like
    to discuss business with people who will not use
    their real world name.

    Alas, it seems that
    there are not many who subscribe to my way of thinking.

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    • and for the answer. As Bill Clinton would say, give the man a cigar (no, not that one...)

    • thank you for the testimonial on Ginkoton @
      Trader Joe's. The General still finds it helpful to
      leave a trail of breadcrumbs when he leaves his home
      for a "constitutional."

      Much appreciated. BTW,
      & fwiw, the General regards TJ's half-sour kosher
      dill pickles, the best commercially packaged pickles
      (of that type) he's found. They also carry Fox's
      u-bet chocolate flavor syrup at almost half the price
      it sells for anywhere else (that is, if you can find
      it anywhere else).

    • I never would have got it; and I'd have been all
      night trying.

      As to Ginko Biloba: neither the
      pills nor the capsules did me any good, but the tea --
      it's remarkable. I buy Ginkoton, a Korean tea packaged
      in Gardena, California. For years I'd done mnemonic
      exercises in an attempt to stave off memory loss and, while
      it was beneficial, two days on the tea and I'm
      reciting verse like I was twenty years younger; not just
      the rymed poems but unrymed, unmetered stuff like
      Markham's "The Man With The Hoe". I'm reeling it off like
      I'm reading it off a page.

      And when my wife
      was suffering with a leg cramp she drank some tea and
      within twenty minutes her cramp was gone.

      Because it's seasonal, I stock up for a whole year.
      Unlike most herbal teas, Ginkoton is delicious. I buy it
      at Trader Joe's here in Vegas, $1.99 for a box of 15

      Thanks again General, for the web sites
      in particular. I'll pass them on to my
      brother-in-law, Bill; he's a movie buff and a retired casting
      director at Universal["Sparticus", "To Kill A
      Mockingbird", really big time]. He's in the first stage of
      Alzheimer's and these sites could prove ameliorating. I
      should add, he's not what one imagines a casting
      director to be; he's a devout, almost puritanical,
      Catholic. I always told him it was bad


    • Whitey was played by Billy Benedict.

      of the General's faves is the TV Guide Online web

      with its Movie

      containing everything you'd want to know about some 40,000
      flicks and the people who made them (both in front of
      the lens and behind it).

      mixerjack (#14971),
      you mentioned "Dead End" (1937 release), here it

      joe, interested in reading the Bowery Boys' character
      names for yourself, just click it

      The General happened to pick that 1947 release,
      Bowery Buckaroos, from amongst 68 Leo Gorcey films in
      the database. When you scroll down below the review
      to the cast and production people, you'll notice
      that the late Iron Eyes Cody was in that one (sans the
      tearfull cheek).

      If you and mixerjack (and any
      other nostalgia buffs) wanna input Gorcey's name in the
      database, it'll bring up the gouge on the 68 films he made
      that're in there. You geezers (and geezerettes) can
      stroll down Memory Lane by goin' through all 68 and
      we'll see you all back here after the Labor Day
      weekend. Those are your marching orders.

      everyone else lurking who could care less, the General's
      marching orders for you are to go long futures in Ginko
      Biloba with Vinpocetine!!

      And remember,
      "Nostalgia isn't what it used to be."

    • Thanks. As Slip used to say, "in de vernacular of de obtuse," I'm gratified at the edification. Not to prolong the agony, but do you remember who played "Whitey?"

    • Before they were the "Bowery Boys" they were the
      "Dead End Kids". Same guys, Gorcey, Hall etc., same
      shtick, different name; which brings us back to "What's
      in a name?"

      I think the name change had to do
      with copyright infringement. "Dead End" was a Broadway
      play of the early 30's which was then made into a
      movie [Bogart, Ann Sheridan, the "Dead End Kids"]. This
      was followed by a series of "Dead End Kids" movies,
      and then came the "Bowery Boys".

      Same thing
      with "The Little Rascals" who at one time were "Our
      Gang" [Spanky, Alfalfa etc.]

      Aren't you glad
      you asked, Joe?

    • AKA "Satch," (Huntz Hall). Or didn't you see the Bowery Boys flicks while growing up?

    • Jones?

    • Couldn't agree more. Mine's John Smith.
      Seriously, would you use your real name on a board which is
      read by people who don't give any name at all? If
      everybody had to use their real name, I doubt you would get
      many frank opinions.

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