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  • pkn4mom pkn4mom Oct 9, 2000 12:28 PM Flag

    Thanks PKNmom

    I think we've been here before...

    I don't
    disagree with you at all. Your logic makes sense.

    BUT--the choices I outlined earlier are the simplest ones.
    What you prescribe is akin to telling investors to
    "buy low and sell high" rather than invest and hold
    for the long term.

    It's a matter of style.
    Like you said to me in an earlier post, "if you don't
    take advantage of the opportunity, then someone else
    will". Of course. But that doesn't mean that we all
    should change our personal investment strategies just
    because someone else is making more money than we

    We have posters of all kinds here. Some are looking
    for all of the angles and some want to keep it
    simple. I think that what I outlined for 00077 is the
    "simple approach". There may be more ways to make money,
    but those approaches aren't for everyone.

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    • Your right, this issues seems to be addressed in
      some form or fashion every week. I agree people have
      different investment styles and you can't force it on
      others. This is not a case of "style" though, it's pure
      math, not speculation. Style would be investing in the
      common or the pref A., no one knows which will work out
      better in the long term, relative to it's risk level.
      But it VERY clear which would work out better in the
      long run when looking at the pref A or B given today's
      cost. Holding onto the pref. B should'nt be an opinion here...just fact.

    • From everything that I have read here, conversion
      is the only option. While I appreciate pkn4's logic,
      I think it is optimistic to a fault. The only
      question is when to convert - now or in December. For
      those of you converting, when are you doing so?

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