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  • Sneaky_Moon Sneaky_Moon Nov 28, 2000 1:27 AM Flag

    Will a vote for Reverse split help stoc

    Will a vote to Reverse split help the stock price or keep the company strong. Lets hear opinions.

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    • Ivebeenhit, my point was not that the banks will
      foreclose and get into the prison business (they won't) --
      rather they will own the (recapitalized) company at some
      point in time IF the "vig" starts to dry up. In many
      ways, they do own the company -- it is their cash cow,
      not the stockholders. In that sense, cxw is already
      in chapter 11. I hope management can turn it around
      -- in a real chapter 11, the downside for
      stockholders is 100%.

    • It's like dating the girl with the best set of
      ta-ta's in town, but if you can't get at them what good
      are they. Management is out of the picture, the
      wolves rule now and they are ripping the capital
      structure to sh++. Doc wasn't dumping zillions of shares
      because he wanted to make a statement, he was trying to
      save what was left that he had. The wolves are taking
      the rest and Doc saw that first hand.

      In the
      end the wolves will get their flesh and move on and
      the employees will rule as it should be. They are
      what made this company.

      Wish we could do a
      "Gore"(do over because I f++++ed up) on this one.

    • By: pennypinchr $$$
      Reply To: None Sunday, 26
      Nov 2000 at 11:31 PM EST
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      Interesting board though relatively few posts. This company,
      under the right leadership could easily take the stock
      to $20, $30, $40 and beyond...Why are they
      languishing as an essential penny and not doing anything
      about it? They need leadership, a fundamental
      understanding of correctional operations and how to streamline
      the same. I have been a high level manager with this
      company and sure there are sour grapes but, with this
      kind of a foundation, there is no reason under the sun
      they can't be quickly back into a position to dominate
      not only private corrections but the corrections
      profession in it's entirety. Mr. Crants had some fantastic
      fundamental principals but lost site of his goal when his
      judgement became clouded by money. I sat through a
      presentation he gave at the Elizabeth Detention Center in
      Elizabeth, New Jersey (INS Contract). He was obviously
      overly concerned with institutional investors and had
      lost sight of his own vision. The assets this company
      currently has are mind boggling. They have potential
      limited only by their vision and management. I know this
      business and if there is anyone reading this board, I know
      what this company is capable of and I am very
      impassioned by the potential here and loath to see it
      squaundered. Investors, lobby this company to wake up and
      smell the coffee. I love this company and if given the
      chance, I would lead them from here to domination of the
      industry. Yada, yada, yada...talking to myself I am sure
      but, I have the vision this company needs...Would love
      to exercise it. Cheers and good luck investors. You
      have a great thing here. Hope they pull it out.

    • Joe---banks do control the destiny, but they
      don't want to be in the real estate or corrections
      business and if the don't cooperate they will be in both.
      They will only stop cooperating when they think the
      business cannot or will not turn around or to protect
      assets as a last resort.

      I think we will see some
      higher volumns this month for tax-loss purposes. I would
      do some tax selling myself at this point but haven't
      sold my winners so I'm just going to wait it

      There aren't many good things about being in the "drill
      bit" range but the downside is limited.

      the only thing that is going to take this stock
      higher is improvement in the fudementals. If that
      happens and continues to happen on a regular basis, the
      stock price will take care of itself.

    • I think it's as simple as that, not to mention probably not getting a rights offering done.

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