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  • aw0099 aw0099 Apr 27, 2001 7:54 AM Flag

    Sparks you are the idiot on cue

    I see you have mentioned my name numerous times over the last 80 post. Like I said punk you are a useless human being. I took the Generals advice, you learn more when you read than when you post.

    I am glad to see that a few things I told you have come to pass.
    The company continues to make good sound business decisions. The union is not a part of those as you can see Mcprison.
    The new management has made some hard choices but they continue the good fight through the good times and the bad. It is not very realistic to think that there will not be more bumps in the road to come.
    When the reverse split comes and goes it will still be at least June or July of 2002 before we see a upward move that holds.
    Last but not least from what I can tell the troops are still loyal to the task at hand. Layoffs are hard but the majority of these employees will be absorbed if the are willing to move. If not there is a strong rumor that the BOP has looked at several of the vacant facilities. The majority of these good people would have first chance at these jobs. Mcprison those who spit your message probably would not have a good chance.

    P.S. Sparks now lets see how long it takes you to reply. I suspect your response will be premature just like that other problem you have. (Viagra) How long will you last punk? 1 post or two?

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