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  • neocc1901 neocc1901 May 24, 2001 10:32 AM Flag


    I don't usually participate much in message boards but your postings really struck a nerve ugadawg98. Evidently you are not a team player. You must must be one of those-- me, myself, and I players in life. Well your messages really do not help CXW for some of CXW facilities are Union. Maybe thats your agenda -- to not assist in the revival of this company!

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    • Noprivateers sounds like Mcprisons first cousin. I am sure he just wants to help all of us dumb investors out like his cousin Mcdaddy.
      Keep the faith dawg.

    • Not on thing is done in Nashville under the new administration without first considering public safety, the shareholders, and what is the right thing to do. You must understand their will be some old news left over to clean up. This will not be resolved overnight. I will say it one more time I like what is going on in Nashville. The only thing unions can do is run the cost of corrections up. They take dues out of the pockets of the staff, and muddy the water for anyone trying to do the right thing. They do not care about right or wrong unless it serves their purpose. The time for the unions has come and gone they have served their purpose. The government has enough labor laws on the books. They say they serve the worker they serve themselves.

    • "Lies on the board" ??
      And the union scum is self-delusional,
      too. Reminds me of a poem:

      And thus in his considered view,
      What did not suit,
      Could not be true.

      "Guards were exhonerated"...
      Some have been, some have not,
      but I think you need to ponder
      the difference between "not guilty"
      and "innocent." It's a subtle
      difference, and probably lost on
      someone like you, but it's there.

      You want newer stories? Be careful
      what you ask for.....

    • Union scum wants "new" news, be careful what
      you ask for.

      Guard charged in kitten deaths gets escort past animal activists
      Wednesday, April 4, 2001

      The Associated Press

      OSSINING, N.Y. -- A Sing Sing prison guard accused of squeezing five kittens to death in a trash compactor used a dozen burly colleagues for protection from animal advocates Tuesday outside a village courthouse.

      Sgt. Ronald Hunlock was rendered nearly invisible as fellow correction officers, all out of uniform, surrounded him like rugby players as he left a hearing in Ossining Village Court. The protesters, who waved signs but made no apparent threat, simply stepped aside.

      One carried a placard that lumped Hunlock with famous serial killers, asking, "What do Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz and Ronald Hunlock all have in common? They all abused animals."

      Hunlock found the kittens while searching an inmate's cell March 11 and allegedly ordered the inmate to put them in the compactor. When the inmate refused, Hunlock allegedly dumped them in and turned it on.

      The kittens' mother, Midnight, was found by prison officials and is now boarding with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Manhattan. A spokeswoman there, Jacqueline Sammek, said Midnight is in excellent health, "all cuddly and loving," but can't be offered for adoption until the court case is over.

      In court, Hunlock was silent as his lawyer, Daniel Gallivan, argued for a reduction in bail. Hunlock, who is charged with felony animal cruelty, is free on $25,000 bond.

      Gallivan said Hunlock's record gave no reason to think he might not show up in court but prosecutor Lynn Rosenthal opposed the request, calling the crime serious and unique. Village Justice Raymond Barlaam kept the bail at $25,000.

      Rosenthal said the case would be presented to a Westchester County grand jury for possible indictment. The charge, aggravated animal cruelty, carries a maximum two-year prison term.

      After the brief hearing, Hunlock's supporters tried to keep him hidden from news cameras. Hunlock did not answer questions, taking refuge in the moving knot of men while walking to a car several blocks away. His supporters would not comment and Gallivan did not immediately return a call.

      Jim Flateau, a spokesman for the state Department of Correctional Services, said Hunlock was suspended without pay Monday when departmental charges were filed. Dennis Fitzpatrick, a spokesman for the state correction officers union, complained that the department had "already found him guilty of all charges."

      Flateau also said the prison administration had nothing to do with the kittens' demise.

      The protesters, organized by In Defense of Animals, stood outside the courthouse, which happens to be across the street from the headquarters of Rotanis Pet Products, which makes beds and sweaters for cats.

      They demanded a conviction and maximum sentence "to send a strong signal to animal abusers that this type of crime is heinous and unforgivable," said Barbara Stago, the group's Northeast director. "Can you imagine the suffering these little kittens went through? And it's really scary that this is a man who has control over other human beings."

    • Just admit that you were wrong. You put up lies on this board, and then when challenged, you accuse me of being a "paid basher." I'm not, but that is not the issue. Bottom line is that you were caught. You are wrong. You know it, and now so does everyone else.

      The issue is that you have intentionally put false info in this board, accusing an organization of a crime. By the way, intentionally false statements are not protected speech under the First Amendment , but you probably knew that, seeing how you have exhibited such a mastery of facts.

      It's not that you simply put up old news stories discussing the allegations. The problem is that after you presented these old alllegations to the board, you conveniently ommitted the subsequent stories that ran after these trials were concluded which showed that these guards were exhonerated.

      I'm sure it was just a simple oversight on your part. I'm glad I could help you out with "the rest of the story."

    • "Drug up allegations from the past..."
      I'm glad nobody on this board would
      ever do THAT.

      "Your own biased opinion..."
      Nice 5/25/01 alias. Wonder which
      paid basher you are.

      "Your statement is actionable..."
      Well, I guess you never read any of
      the dozens of articles that said as
      much. Ever heard of the First
      Amendment? Oh, right, only you guys
      can use it.

      Oh, well, another alias, another

    • Well it semm you need to report these rapes and other matters.

    • None of this union crap is gonna get back the money we lost from that bastard Crants. Hopefully, this artificially inflated price movement can bring on some real momentum. If unions can help CCA, then let them help. Stupid decisions at headquarters hurt this company more than anything. Everyday there is some new lawsuit or insider scandal. When will it all stop! This company's been raped by so many inside thieves who knows when things will get measurably better.

    • all those allegations you dragged up from the past have been dealt with by the courts. Guess what? ALL of the union guards accused by the inmates of those allegations were acquitted. In fact, after the trial, some of the jurors actaully apologized to the guards for having been brought to court on such ridiculous charges.

      Your own biased opinion, motivated by your agenda is clear. Your statement that the CA union was involved in "perpetuating and then covering up a pattern of physical and sexual abuse" is entirely inaccurate, and maybe actionable as well. Unlike you, the jury actually heard the case and all the evidence before they reached their conclusion.

      Regarding your obstruction of justice allegations, it was the CA Atty Gen that was spanked in court by the very liberal 9th circuit that usually loves to go after law enforcement. The union was vindicated, but I guess those facts do not promote yopur agenda.

      Did you just not know, or are you intentionally hiding the truth from the rest of this board?

      have a nice day

    • WRONG!! Don't confuse advocacy with lying
      or bad policy. If these guys need a lawyer,
      by all means let the union buy them one. That's fine, but perpetuating and then covering up a pattern of physical and
      sexual abuse serves no one's best interest.
      Not the employees, not the union (maybe)
      and certainly not the prisoners and the justice system responsible for their

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