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  • genepond genepond Jun 16, 2001 11:09 AM Flag

    Re: IT'S A GIRL!...

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    Having not heard any bulletins,about the Mother and Daughter, and also the Father, my concern wants me to ask, even though "fools rush in where angels fear to tread"
    Seems to me that you and your family was very happy when you posted the good news and of course we hope and pray that every thing is great for you and will even get better. genepond

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    • oystergrouch: Yes gene reply was deleted from the board....will try again .....naybe gene's been.......

    • oystergrouch: Yes, if we were neighbors we would be friends, and could spend our time "to talk of many things" as the walrus said....It would be nice, but of course we can be friends, even though we are as the ships that pass in the night. Bet you have fun deciding the problems of this world, when you all get together......Best Wishes gene

    • genepond, I think that if you and I were neighbors, we would be friends.

    • I don't know how old you are, but I would like to talk to you from the vantage point of someone old enough to be retired. A few days ago I was at my senior weight lifting class (you should see what we can do with those pretty, blue 3 pounders and bouncy music). We got to talking about what we had learned in our lives that was most helpful. Most of us came up with one version or another of: Accept that its different strokes for different folks. And, give people a lot of slack. Life is more fun when you are relaxed.

    • oystergrouch, hyperlinked below is a resource that you and other readers who may have wondered what such things as:

      btw, fwiw, imo, imho, lol rofl, roflmao,

      mean (but might be reluctant to ask, publicly), may want to bookmark for future reference.

      There are undoubtedly other such sites and the General won't vouch that there aren't more complete and better ones than this one. For one thing, when the General queried it, it did not have 'ot' in its data base. And if you input the word "off" or the words "off topic," you'll get a response you didn't quite expect.

      The General is in agreement with your viewpoint regarding 'demographics' as it may relate to the matter of criminal activity and its potential impacts on the need for 'beds.' Such discussion would not, in the General's opinion, be 'OT.'

      But when the topic of "aging" ventures into the realm of such things as dementia, or there are messages that discuss the qualities of fine bourbon or the finer points of "bourbon" tasting, courtesy dictates that the reader be alerted to the fact that the message's content is 'OT' (unless of course the stock symbol, "CXW," is repeatedly incorporated into the text), in case they'd rather not spend their time reading such matter (drivel, garbage, etcetera).

      It's simply a matter of good message board manners.

    • Huh? I'm getting flamed for asking people to keep on topic versus bridge club chatter? Losers like the stock I see.

    • oystergrouch: gene thinks we all enjoy visiting with each other, thats what it's all about isn't it. Seems to me there are some pretty intelligent posters on this board, both male and female. Hope everyone feels like me, and are enjoying these varied opinions.

    • I did not know that OT meant Off Topic. Glad to get that info. What does btw stand fiir? I will try to abide by these principles. Good to have them because I enjoy visiting a bit with other shareholders. However, I thought in a roundabout way we were on topic in our descussion of aging. It was related to our attempt to estimate the future of private prisons. To do that we thought about the increase or decrease of criminals. The speculations about the percentage of the population that will be older is an exercise in demographics. As the population ages, ther wil be a smaller and smaller % of criminals because criminal behavior tends to diminish after age 30. On the other hand, with longer prison sentences, we may be dealing with more demand for facilities for aging prisoners. There is much to discuss here that is related to penology but not to share price fluctuations. Where does one draw the line?

    • so as to not offend anyone who thinks a $1.30 stock is worth ALL our attention, GO CXW !!!
      Here's hoping for a great week !!!!

      Now, about 50-year-old man who goes to the doctor and asks: "doc, what can I do to live a long time?"

      the doctor responds: "You can give up liquor, loose women, and cigarettes."

      the man asks: "Will that make me live a long time?"

      doctor: "no, but it'll seem like a long time."

      please forgive, but it IS monday morning, and
      after being chastized about contributing to this thread's version of the AARP newsletter (to which, apparently we could all subscribe) the above is the best old nic could come up with....(not only that, but ending a sentence with a preposition, as well)....let's hope CXW-----or some of our holdings----do better this week.

      There, nic mentioned CXW three---count 'em---THREE whole times in this short Seinfeld note.

      Have a great week.

    • General; You answer these negative posts so much better than gene could....but if glad to put in my opinion.....BEST WISHES gene

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