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  • oj_williehorton oj_williehorton Jul 2, 2001 9:09 AM Flag

    Another Escape From CCA ... ?

    There was another escape from Tulsa over the weekend. The company's operations seem to be getting much worse of late.

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    • Well at least your lazy a$$ got this one right. Good job O.J. do you feel better know. I hope so, thanks for thinking of me. I did not know you cared. I am sure the warden at this facility will work hard to take the appropriate corrective actions to ensure this type of mishap does not happen again. What you think O.J.?


      Prison escapee capitalized on

      An armband switch and trash duty
      apparently helped John Devane escape
      from the Hernando County Jail.


      � St. Petersburg Times,
      published July 6, 2001

      BROOKSVILLE -- Authorities aren't sure how long John
      Devane had been planning his escape, or if events simply
      conspired in his favor.

      But officials were nonetheless chagrined Thursday as they
      recalled how the Hernando County inmate, who is still at
      large, managed to outwit guards.

      First, they said, he fished a low-security inmate bracelet out of
      a jail garbage can during his cleaning duties. Different inmates
      wear different bracelets, which mark what privileges they are
      allowed. Apparently, a former inmate had thrown his away
      when he was released. Sometime later, Devane switched
      armbands, convincing guards that he was allowed out of the
      jail as long as he was supervised by an officer, a sheriff's
      report said.

      And finally, while going to take out the trash on jail property,
      Devane told another inmate to go tell a guard he would be a
      while because he was taking "a leak" behind a trash bin.

      By the time the officer went to see what was taking so long,
      Devane was gone.

      "Our officers are here eight hours a day. But the inmates, of
      course, have 24-7 to figure out how to get out of here," said
      warden Kevin Watson. "We have a great security team here,
      but this is just one of those things that happens."

      The last time it happened was in March 1999, when a work
      release inmate who was assigned to wash trucks found a set
      of keys in one of those trucks. He started up the pickup and
      headed for his parents' house in Lacoochee, where deputies
      rearrested him hours later.

      In that case, the escapee had been facing one charge of
      writing bad checks. Devane, in contrast, has spent most of his
      life in prison on burglary and theft convictions. In 1984, he
      was sentenced to one year after escaping authorities in
      Hillsborough County. Last month, he was sentenced to four
      years for armed burglary.

      Sheriff's deputies are still searching for him. They have
      already questioned several relatives and friends, who say they
      have no idea where Devane is and have allowed officers to
      check inside their homes.

      Officials are hoping Devane, 35, will make his way back to
      his home in Hudson, although they have been told a friend of
      his just left the area suddenly on a trip to Colorado.

      The warden would not say

    • O.J. U da man I Like it when you talk dirty to me.

    • When I want your "advice", I'll ask for it. Until then, you can keep your wise a$$ comments to yourself.

    • I hate to disagree with you again, but I am far from perfect. I just simply will not print anything based on a rumor you should do the same. Yes I am recommending a strong buy, that is based on a business decision. That has nothing to do with the comment I made about you spreading unconfirmed gossip.

    • OJ_WILLIWHORTON If you are going to post - please post the correct information.

      KTUL News Channel 8
      Monday, July 02, 2001
      Guard Foils Escape Attempt at Tulsa Jail
      An inmate is back in his cell after an attempted escape at the Tulsa County Jail. Investigators say 40-year-old Mickey Holt broke a hole in the ceiling and tried to crawl out. He was apprehended by a guard a short time later. Holt was locked up on felony drug charges and will now face additional charges of attempted escape.

      This story was posted: 7/1/01

      • 1 Reply to beagle30
      • This one has a bit more detail. Bottom line - he didn't make it!

        Tulsa World Wireless Site: News Story

        Jail escape bid is no soap

        By JASEN CORNS World Staff Writer

        Mickey Mantle Holt
        A corrections officer discovered Holt's absence, along with a hole Holt had allegedly punched through the ceiling, at 1:31 p.m. Sunday.

        Mickey Mantle Holt struck out Sunday in his attempted escape from the Tulsa Jail.

        Holt, 40, broke through a shower ceiling in the medical facility of the jail and attempted to climb to freedom through the roof, authorities said.

        A corrections officer who had placed Holt in the shower discovered his absence, along with a hole he had allegedly punched through the ceiling, at 1:31 p.m. Sunday.

        Jail staff began searching for him in the ceiling and also called Tulsa Police. Six police officers arrived within minutes, with four patrolling the perimeter and two stationed inside.

        At 2:32 p.m., jail staff located Holt between the ceiling and the roof.

        "Everybody did a great job," jail spokesman Chris Howard said. "No one was injured. There were no problems."

        Holt was booked on May 4 on felony charges relating to manufacturing and possessing drugs after a former conviction, as well as traffic-related charges. His next court date is set for Aug. 13.

        He may face additional charges stemming from Sunday's escape attempt.

        Howard said the jail will conduct its own investigation before potentially asking the police to cite Holt, who could then be charged by the District Attorney's Office.

        Jasen Corns, World staff writer, can be reached at 581-8369 or via e-mail at

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