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  • rainguage rainguage Jul 9, 2001 5:12 PM Flag

    Why riots?

    A question for you folks who work in prisons. Why do prisons allow prisoners to be in groups? In groups they can establish gangs, exchange contraband and riot. I toured a prison once and every 50 feet or so a gate closed behind us and then one opened up in front of us so that we could continue going to our objective. That is how they moved small groups of prisoners from place to place. There was no chance to do anything undesireable. This kept prisoners safe from each other. The men exercised in large cages. Guards circled the dining room during meals of the small groups. They served all day in order to keep groups small.
    Since there seems to be so many riots, why don't they design prisons so that inmates can not gather in large groups? I thought that was what CCA did.

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    • You need to make up your mind who you you are. I doubt very seriously you are a concerned employee. I also could care less if we get along. Just stick to a little honesty it will take you along way. Have a good day.

    • The last post was really from me.

    • Sir, I did not start this thread "Why Riots" but was merely sharing my opinion, along with others about the causes of riots. The focus of the discussion had shifted to bricks and mortar and I merely added the human element to the discussion. I have every right to do that without your personal attacks on my character. If I ever want your opinion again, I will surely ask for it.

      The price of a stock has many factors which contribute to its level. Many of which have nothing to do with the competency of the management. Many times they just get "ahead of themselves" overbought or oversold. In my opinion we are temporarily "overbought" and are due for a correction. For myself I'm holding, because I am not a trader, and may miss the top and bottom of the next swing so I'll just sit tight. My "Strong Sell" opinion simply indicates my belief that a correction is due. My perspective is purely technical and has nothing to do with the fundamentals of the business. I won't bore you with the details of my analysis.

      You probably know what opinions are worth, you don't have to believe mine and I don't have to believe yours, but I do respect your right to have one. Please do likewise and I'm sure we will get along just fine.

    • If you think posting your concerns on this board will change the way the new management is running the company you are in need of a wake up call. You would be better served to write down your concerns and get them to some one in Nashville that can make a change. I am sure you could figure out how to do that. One last point if you cannot see a measurable improvement in the way this company has been run over the last 12-15 months then you are the one that needs to change the shade of your glasses. If you choose to sell your stock then that is your choice.

    • And sir I challenge you to give 100 percent because then you will match my efforts. I am merely advocating that we fulfill our company motto... in case you have forgotten Fair Firm and Consistent. I believe in that motto and I was merely pointing out that bricks and mortar (or technology)do not make the difference between a secure facility and a tinderbox. The focus of the thread had gone to the hardware side of the picture and I was merely pointing out the people side of the equation.

      Just because the rest of the industry is having problems does not give us an excuse to do likewise. Don't forget our other motto..."Excellence in Corrections" To me that means that we aim to be the best.

      I want us to pull together and live up to our ideals, but you sir seem to be quite happy with the way things are. You are the disloyal one in the picture.

      I am in this for the long haul, and I am also a share holder. My "Strong Sell" position is merely my technical opinion on the price of the stock, not a condemnation of the company.

      My loyalty to the company compells me to be aware of our shortcomings so that we can take corrective action. How about you? Have you had your rose colored glasses checked lately?

    • A simple answer is: the more self-managed inmates are, the less you (the staff) have to manage them. The less you have to manage them, the less it costs the taxpayers to incarcertate them.

      On the other hand, the more self-management you give to a bunch of people who have clearly demonstrated their inability to manage themselves, the more trouble you invite. So it is a fine line that must be walked.

      Also, inmates who don't learn self-management skills are just "on hold" while incarcerated, waiting for the freedom and opportunity to re-offend.

      The more dangerous the population, the more isolation you provide and enforce. But the costs in terms of facilities and manpower go up geometrically.

      To take it to an extreme, if you took every (EVERY) inmate and put him/her down in solitary confinement, you'd have no riots. But your result would be a lot of angry inmates returning to the streets with no skills, no chance of change, and a really big chip on their shoulders. The taxpayers would be paying plenty for this (double, triple?), and would get no benefit--they would actually be worse off.

      The trick is finding the balance between freedoms and restrictions for inmates. It is a calculus all correctional professionals wrestle with daily. And most do so successfully.

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      • glad to hear I was not mistaken in my understanding of the way CCA intends to operate prisons. Why do we hear so much about riots and CCA? Are most of their prisons still pretty riot proof? Seems to me they should just not take contracts to manage open dorm prisons. Too prone to riots, which give the company a bad name...and a tougher time getting contracts.
        How does the Wackenhut prison system compare? Do they build 5 pod type prisons or have they found a way to manage the open dorm type more effectively?

      • Also the efficient manner the prison and yard are set up and the use of high technology I see as critical too. Some public prisons are set up with pods set purposely apart in order to max. out human jobs from what I was told. CCA newly disigned prisons seem very efficient with 4 pods attached and a CO observation center right in the middle, it looked like common sense to me.

    • The way your tellings is that of cca's
      design concepts. They build really secure riot proof facilities, except when they assumed the facility of otter creek. The 4, 100 man units were already built as an open dorm style facility.
      Additionally, they built a unit described by yourself once bought. They were 5 pods containing 250 more prisoners.
      To modify the old units would have cost a bunle

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