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  • furuhashiken furuhashiken Oct 31, 2006 12:34 AM Flag

    What is the reason for recent price increase?

    Just curious... what is the reason for the rencet price increase... I don't see any press release and the deal won't be closed until mid November.

    People start realizing how undervalue this stock is???
    If anybody has the reason, please share with us.

    I am in this stock mid Aug, and I will hold this at least 2008.

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    • With the terrible condition that junior has brought this company to and all the relationships that the old man is involved in --it's impossible to predict what will finally happen with GAX. But after:

      1. announcing the sale of the PRB

      2. Then announcing theSale of the PBCO to EXX.

      3. Then announcing the sale (again) of the PRB (for twice as much as the entire market cap.)

      I give the current deal (as it was announced) a 50/50 chance. There will be some kind of a deal --sometime. But I'm not too sure it will be the one we think.

    • Blackie,
      Petro are doing the roadshows to raise $100-$120 million and as per the PR, it is $20 million cash and $25 million shares in Petro. The friendlies will take Petro stock as payment no doubt as given them 20% pa.

      Christine x

    • GAX has a very small market cap so it can move very quickly with a change in supply/demand conditions for its shares. Judging from recent comments on this board, I'd say that GAX has seen an influx of technically oriented day traders who believe that the stock has bottomed. I'm not a technically driven investor so one of them could probably better explain why they think GAX is almost finished consolidating and is due for an upturn.