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  • pjv2xyw9dww4b5 pjv2xyw9dww4b5 Nov 4, 2005 12:05 PM Flag

    where is vip_trader?

    Dropping vip a note is not worth the wear and tear on my keyboard.

    What would happen if I changed the 4208 sh. remaining from "limit 40.50" to "market"?

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    • Pjv:

      I hope you learned your lesson. Do you want to be known as a hard-charging professional, successful investor or a hesitant, cautious, prudent hedger.

      From now on all of your buy orders for ITIC should be in multiples of 10,000 shares and they must be MARKET ORDERS.

      No more pussy-footing around. Get with it. Your time to shine is NOW.

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      • My goal is to get an investment that never needs to be sold and eventually provides a return on investment through rising dividends or share buybacks. The ITIC dividend, though modest now, sends the signal that management is not opposed in principle to letting shareholders actually receive a return on their investment.

        Once I posted a hypothetical question on the PNRA board about whether or not a stock could have any value at all if it were known for certain that the company and any successors would never, ever pay a dividend or buy back shares. I believe that such a stock would be worthless. What's the difference between a stock certificate in such a company and a mere piece of paper?

        Summary: I want eventually, with hindsight, to regret not having purchased even more!

      • Personally, I want to be known as a timid, dithering nitwit who doesn't have enough cash to buy a round lot.

    • "What would happen if I changed the 4208 sh. remaining from "limit 40.50" to "market"? "

      Hard to say, with trading this thin. If "market" hits $50, I'll sell you some of my shares.

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