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  • pmlljl pmlljl Feb 6, 2006 4:48 PM Flag

    results in IRA


    I admire your ability to play both sides of ITIC at the same time. Do you have multiple personalities? If so, do they argue with each other? Do they all enjoy sleeping under the bridge together?

    Seriously, I think the housing bubble is losing some air. The homebuilders are in a downtrend. I got an ad in the mail from World Savings offering me 4.86% on a six month CD. I think that means that 3% ARMs are a thing of the past. Therefore people will no longer be able to buy homes for $500,000 with nothing down like when I sold mine in September 2004. It will probably be a long, slow, painful death with the lenders reporting enormous defaults.

    Good luck with your "market makers" inventory of ITIC shares.

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