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  • pmlljl pmlljl Mar 29, 2006 2:10 PM Flag

    on the ask


    With all your trading, how long does it take you to do the schedule D for your tax return?

    Or, are bridge dwellers exempt from filing 1040's?

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    • I am not a trader. I am a selfless altruist who provides liquidity to the neediest of ITIC shareholders, sometimes including myself.

      BTW, I have shares on special at 42.90 each right now! Am I going to have to buy from myself again?

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      • pj:

        Your being a selfless altruist suggests that you probably qualify as a section 503(c) "organization" under the Internal Revenue Code and that you are, therefore, a charitable organization.

        This makes it sound like we have the makings of a potential wonderful scam.

        It would work like this. I would send you a very large check ($5,000 maybe). Since you qualify as a "charitable organization", I would be able to deduct my "contribution" on my income tax returns.

        However, you would treat my money as a contribution to the "pj hedge funds" which you use to dominate trading in ITIC. With my additional funds, you could ramp-up the volume of trades each day and drive up the price so much that Stewart would feel impelled to increase the price of their bear-hug hostile offer to $100 per share.

        If you concur with this plan, inform me which bridge overpass I should throw my check out of my car window at, the next time I am in Las Vegas.

        I will now turn my attention to writing up a brief resume to send to Forbes for inclusion in their next issue of the Forbes 400 richest people. My current net worth is about $15,000, so you can see that I am counting quite a lot on your investing skills and the magic of compounding.

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