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  • pmlljl pmlljl Apr 6, 2006 4:39 PM Flag

    expanding to pre-market


    I am loading my car up with $100 bills. It will take some time because I don't want to take more than $9900 out of the bank per day and get reported to the feds. I figure the trunk will be full by April 2025. Should I come then, or do you want me to fill up the back seat too?

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    • pmlljl:

      Are you remembering to write "P J" on each bill as you load it into the trunk so that nobody else will pick them up after they (or at least most of them) have fluttered down to the park?

      By the way, check the weather to make sure that it's not too windy since we want at least 75% of the bills ultimately to make it into pj's overalls pocket so that he can invest them--wisely, of course.

      pj's secretary

      (pj is trading in the after-hours market three terminals away from me but authorized me to send this to you. We're in disguise today.)

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      • pj's secretary:

        Thanks for the reminder to put pj's initials on the Benjamins. I had neglected to do that, so now I have to unload the trunk and mark them. This will delay my delivery even longer. It hurts me to know how much I am going to miss out on because of pj's extraordinary investing talents and the magic of compounding. I am going to have a stamp made so that I don't get writers cramp.

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