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  • pmlljl pmlljl Sep 16, 2007 6:18 PM Flag

    vocabulary lesson


    My mother made many quilts and comforters for her own use and for all her kids and many grandchildren, so I know how useful and nice they can be.

    I was wondering if you could make me a special ITIC quilt? I would like the stock certificates used in it to be of no less than 1000 share denomination. I would be happy to drive to Las Vegas and pick up the quilt after it is finished in order to save on postage and make sure that the quilt does not fall into the wrong hands. Thank you in advance.


    • pmlljl,
      Did you know that a lot of stock option trading arises from hedging activities of stock certificate quilt manufacturers?

    • pmlljl,
      Have you ever seen a restaurant menu that looks like this:

      Hamburger $3.10
      Cheeseburger $3.35
      Fish "market price"

      The retail price of the quilt that you request is "market price" and cannot be determined without a closing ITIC quote and a quick trip to Ebay to see how much the filling (shredded Enron certificates--by the way, do you care what their share denominations are since they'll be shredded?) will cost.

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