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  • Debaser8 Debaser8 Nov 6, 2007 12:34 AM Flag

    Quarterly report

    I was surprised by how well they did. After LFG's report I expected their numbers to be awful. I wonder how they are picking up agency business in a declining market.

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    • You'd be surprised at the persuasiveness of a snarling polar bear.

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      • pj:

        I think you need to listen a little closer to determine where that persuasiveness is coming from. ITIC's 10q for the quarter ended 9-30-07 indicated that ITIC bought back over 10,000 shares during the quarter. Mr. Fine is a determined guy.

        Have you looked at FNM, FRE, CFC or NFI lately? The price action of these turkeys tells me that the carnage is not over yet and that it will continue for quite some time. I think MR. Fine will continue to protect you which I think is justifiable, but the creative destruction in the credit system will go on. I will continue to wait.

        Your pal in support of honest companies
        correct accounting,


    • debaser8:

      It is just my guess, but if you look at the states where they get their business, you do not see California, Nevada, or Arizona. In addition, Florida is relatively minor as is New York. By luck or by choice, they have pretty much avoided the areas where real estate has appreciated too much and where lending was out of hand. Perhaps the good times will continue to roll for ITIC.

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