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  • pmlljl pmlljl Sep 15, 2008 10:12 PM Flag

    My Goodness


    I had my eyes wide shut when I read your e-mail, so I didn't see that you bought ANAT today.

    I sold some BRKB today at $4100. Is it a poorly performing "financial"?

    Now I only have one order in. That is to buy WSC at $356. WSC bought Aaron Rentals corporate rent to rent business for $72,000,000.

    I am still waiting to buy ITIC, ORI and ANAT.

    My position in BP is now down $15 and the stock now yields about 6.5%. Are the oil companies "financials"?

    I expect that you and the bear will take a trip to Galveston to shop for a nice beach front cottage. There may be a low priced one bobbing in the surf.

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    • pmlljl,
      As a shareholder of ANAT, I may be making several involuntary, indirect investments in beachfront cottages-turned-boats. Perhaps we can sell them on Ebay as "House-Boats" to recoup some losses.

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      • pj:

        If I buy one of your seaworthy house boats on Ebay, may I just let it randomly float in the surf, or do I have to rent a slip at a marina?

        I have found a new stock that I like very much but have not bought yet. It is a local bank (financial) that I knew about and even had a CD investment there, but I could not locate the stock symbol until now. It is FMBL.OB. It trades over $4000 per share like BRKB. I may quit buying stocks that trade below $4000. I don't want people to get a low opinion of me and think that I am just slumming around. Would you like to do a five minute due diligence on it and give me your opinion?
        The last time I looked Yahoo did not have current financials on it but you can see the most recent quarterly report including financials by clicking on the Yahoo news for the 2nd quarter.

    • Let's all be sure to enter our bids to buy some CIX. I paid $5.80 recently.

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