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  • astral_tsar astral_tsar Sep 15, 2008 5:23 PM Flag

    My Goodness

    My goodness, some of tehse "financials" sure are doing poorly. Is there some way to check whether any ofmy stocks are financials? Like on Google or something?

    I have a bunch of ITIC, I sure hoep it is not finanancial!


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    • Astral_tsar,
      We have certainly done better with our ITIC shares than have the shareholders of some other "financials." If you already have a "bunch" of ITIC, my free-and-worth-every-penny-you-pay-for-it advice would be not to sell and to buy more if you can get it for $36~~37.

      I bought some more ANAT at $90.01 today. Don't tell pmlljl!

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      • pj:

        I had my eyes wide shut when I read your e-mail, so I didn't see that you bought ANAT today.

        I sold some BRKB today at $4100. Is it a poorly performing "financial"?

        Now I only have one order in. That is to buy WSC at $356. WSC bought Aaron Rentals corporate rent to rent business for $72,000,000.

        I am still waiting to buy ITIC, ORI and ANAT.

        My position in BP is now down $15 and the stock now yields about 6.5%. Are the oil companies "financials"?

        I expect that you and the bear will take a trip to Galveston to shop for a nice beach front cottage. There may be a low priced one bobbing in the surf.

    • pmlljl,
      The bear regrets to inform you that ANAT will offer neither Congressional excessive-hot-air nor Congressional broken-campaign-promise insurance after he takes over and tows headquarters to the North Pole. Perhaps AIG could assist you in obtaining such coverage.

    • pmlljl,
      Tomorrow I bid $80 for ANAT.

    • pj:

      Can I get hurricane protection caused by excessive hot air from congress? I think that is the most certain threat these days. May Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and Nancy Pelosi be promoted to dog catchers.

    • pmlljl,
      I bought some more ANAT at 88.00 today. Don't tell astral_tsar!

    • pmlljl,
      Sounds good--just remember how to prepare your deposits to us:

      "pj" written on each Benjamin (so that those who find them will know what they are for)

      no deposits on windy days (unless you want to have a chasing and handling fee of 1% for each mph by which the avg wind speed for the day exceeds 10 mph deducted from your deposit)

      dump off SOUTH side of Hwy. 95 bridge between Casino Center and LV Blvd exits downtown (one of our competitors takes deposits on the north side) when you hear the bear roar from beneath the bridge

      BTW as the new mgmt of ANAT we may be offering travel hurricane insurance that pays back visitors whose cars are blown off downtown LV highway bridges by hurricane force winds while tossing Benjamins from the window--a risk no sane person would want to bear.

    • pmlljl,
      The bear and I, once we take control of ANAT and its temporary beach-home-flotilla headquarters, plan to cut costs by not reopening the land-based Galveston HQ and making the flotilla headquarters permanent. That way, we can paddle from one nautical disaster where we are exposed to any other to be on-site and responsive to any of our newly-homeless policyholders strong enough to swim out to us in international waters, where we will suffer less regulation.

      We will still be pillars of the Galveston insurance scene--only it will be earthquakes against which we will insure Galvestonianites, not hurricanes! (As I already mentioned, it will be Las Vegas homeowners to whom we will offer hurricane insurance.)

      Would you be interested in one of our new Southern Calif. policies insuring against roof collapse in the event of a summer blizzard?

    • pmlljl,
      15 shares here and 15 shares there, and before you know it I'll be challenging the Moodys and their 10+ million shares for control. After taking control, we'll move HQ to Carp, NV and begin selling hurricane insurance in Las Vegas.

    • If I can't that coverage from AIG, I will see if there are any representatives of Equity Funding still around from when they went bankrupt many years ago.

    • pj:

      I would like to sign you up as my insurance agent in order to cover me with all the exotic coverages you can dream up.

      I have an extreme phobia of being attacked and ravaged by cooties among other things. Can you help me?

      As always, cost is no object when it comes to my contentedness and well being. I look forward to you thoughtful proposals and I will be happy to convert my trading gains in BRKB and CEG in to Benjamins to pay your gargantuan but yet reasonable fees.

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