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  • divawentworth divawentworth Jun 29, 2014 11:43 PM Flag

    Vcig Shipping Cost Are Too HIGH!!!

    I love the Vcigs.......BUT, really guys, 17 dollars to ship 14? That's greedy. You ship them in thin plastic bags. I think even 10 dollars would be excessive, but 17 is off the charts absurd. You guys should get some if it fits it ships, boxes from the USPO. Also I wanted to send some to my sister, but you only ship to billing address. I hopes this changes as you guys look at how most of the "Big Boys" do it. During holidays, more people than ever are online shopping, AND shipping to addresses other than their billing address. I will be patient, I know you guys are new. I will be glad when they get them in local stores here. I HOPE to be completely off squares after this order.

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    • yeah, my last order was 5 VCIGS and the total was 21 and some change. So basically $6+ FOR S&h

    • Does sound high and makes your cost $4.21 per VCIG. I still expect them to cost more retail when the roll out commences. They can't be much cheaper online than retail, this was mentioned when they explained why they were raising the price of VCIGs. I bought 6 when they were $2 a piece and my total with shipping was $20. So it seems at least they did not raise the shipping costs at all. I also wish they would start taking AMEX...and maybe they should start selling some gift cards that can be emailed to friends and family?

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      • The gift cards ARE a great alternative too. I wonder what they would charge for shipping on that. They shouldn't cost more retail, because like the Mcigs, they should give a break with the more you buy, the lesser the cost. But maybe with the retail mark up will put them at 5 bucks each. These are disposable, and many will just get a refillable one, and some Ecig juice . lol. I try to be conservative, so even though I love this product, and intend to buy shares when they do the IPO. I will buy from a competitor if saves me money. I hope they don't price them/us out. They are WONDERFUL!!! I give them that.