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  • Lexus10k Lexus10k Oct 7, 2005 11:40 AM Flag

    nav one 4500

    Mobile GPS systems are far from $700+ gadgets; they have become a virtual necessity to many,including those directionally challenged [such as myself],the aging population [who have difficulty reading street/highway names & numbers--particularly at night], and those who have trouble reading maps & taking directions.I,personally,would never again consider buying a car without one. The great majority of older cars on the road don't have them--and that is our market. The units sold by Garmin,Magellan,etc. all look alike [small & tough to read].I think there is room for a really unique nav system. I'm not saying that Cobra has the answer but they could be on the right track with its larger & clearer screen,real time traffic,touch screen [not available on the 3000],etc.They [hopefully] seem to have learned from their mistakes on the 3000. Remember that they have less than 7 mil. shares out so that any sort of success in penetrating here could have a significant impact on sales & income. Anyway,its certainly worth watching.

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    • Larger is not necessarily better. I own a small notepad computer and prefer it to a full screen notebook.

      I also disagree that COBR is in a position to compete. GRMN has the capacity to innovate and enhance products on an expedited basis. COBR does not have the same flexibility. By the time it introduces a new product, its offering is no longer state of the art.

      We also do not know the terms COBR has negotiated with the retailers to obtain "shelf space". In the past, COBR has been burned having to repurchase products.

      Although the jury is still out, I have my doubts that COBR can compete in the mobile GPS market unless they can sell quality product for under $500.

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