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  • mbcz2001 mbcz2001 Feb 23, 2006 11:46 AM Flag

    What the ....?

    Are the people trading this stock COBR listening to the CC.
    New distribution through Kmart.
    Huge success with Sears and will now get permanent presentation there.
    Possible shelve space at Best Buy, should expect results on that in 2 months.
    Licensing aggreement will roll out products within 6 months.

    Why is stock dropping %5????

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    • Funny, I remember GRMN didn't react all that well to their 10K either. Both had good earnings out. They hardly got clobbered. In fact every GPS firm out there - I own quite a few myself, it's the only tech space I like - did very well: TomTom, Trimble, this one, Garmin. We're still waiting on Novatel and Lowrance.

    • Because they are trying to compete with Garmin in the GPS market and got clobbered.
      Do yourself a big favor and dump this little microcap and buy the currently undervalued leader of GPS. Don't wait or you'll miss the train.

    • If you can use that 20% well, have intellectual honesty, and let the 80% luck work for you, you will do extremely well. Better than 30% compounded each year means a nice retirement. jmo.

    • Yes, I do, up until this quarter that is. I have accounted for that. We're now trading 13m above last quarters net tangible assets. The company has just posted 2.5m profits. That is without the one-time items. By my calculations, accounting for untangibles (they do have a certain value). This company needs to post at least 3.1m this year to arrive at a stock price of 11.33 (last price). Other people probably come up with different figures. I expect growth to be higher than that, so I stay in.

      I need to know more about this one-time item this quarter: these refunds they got. How is this going to impact the Balance Sheet? I need to see it first.

      I want to get a closer look at the financials soon. At the moment I'm staying put here. I agree on revenue growth, and margins.

    • Being profitable and debt free I wouldn't expect COBR to trade at much of a discount to book value. Going forward one would hope they could grow revenues at a slightly quicker pace. If they started getting margins under control along with that you could see some decent earnings growth. Do you have any idea how much of the book value is tangible?

    • Truly simple minded.

    • Sales grew 6%. Earnings without one-time items was up 26%. Some here have said BV isn't a big issue when valuing a company, that's not true. There are as many ways of valuing a company as there are investors. I happen to think BV is important. As is a dividend. I traded some today, to lower my buy price.

      The company hasn't been very forthcoming about the future. Next quarter will be the crux. Sales growth was the only thing really disappointing. So I'll be looking for some sales growth next quarter. The seasonality will all but insure a loss next trimester. But the Q to Q comparison will be very important. There were more than a few good points in this 10Q.

    • Is there any negative thing that caused COBR stock to tumble 11% today? If so, what is it? Thanks!

    • the stock market is about 80% luck and 20% skill. the problem is most people and their egos believe it is the opposite.

    • Talk about simple minded. Good luck, you'll be needing some.

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