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  • smaycs2 smaycs2 Jul 7, 2010 12:15 PM Flag

    Massive support at $1.60


    A 1950 share block sitting there waiting to be hit.

    Hey, its far more size than anyone else is showing on the "directed trading" screen.

    Im going to make an all or none offer for 325k shares of COBR at 60 cents in case a certain large holder or 2 of 3 needs liquidity. (email me)

    At which point I will own 5% and will publically call for the top 5 officers to step down in disgrace.

    And I will direct the company to spend its last dime if need be fighting to make sure none of them gets a PENNY in severence.

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    • Another excellent post.

      Frankly, who CARES that COBR is down to $1.95 from the $3 peak. It's not like it went from being marginable, to not marginable. (Nobody got hosed on margin calls here, that I can imagine.) Sure, every single one of us would have preferred to have sold a bunch at $2.75-3.00, and bought at $1.75-2.00...but engaging in such "should haves" is a waste of time.

      One of the things I find very interesting is just how LIGHT the volume has been, on this leg down. (Look at a chart.) Especially in contrast to how heavy the volume was on the move up from $1.75-3.00. This suggests something to me: As people panicked in this market, those that might otherwise have bought "refused" to "support" COBR (including me, because of my 9.9% holding and lack of ready liquidity), and fear took hold among those who were inclined to sell. The market maker does what he did best: He TOOK DOWN the stock...especially as that one block seller found himself "stuck" with the stock. (That guy, alone, drove the stock down 30-40 cents, imho.) But there is a very real question of whether the current low prices represent a real supply/demand price...or whether we are in kind of a temporary vaccuum. I don't care. The value is the value to me. And eventually, I believe it will win out, based upon the fundamentals. Anyone who thinks an "objective" sense of value could plausibly justify a price for COBR as low as $1.75-2.25, just doesn't understand the stock market. The "get out at any price" crowd, "before all of the gains that were had on the move from $1.50 to $3 are lost" is a sad bunch. They act on emotion, plain and simple. Might COBR not work out? Sure. It might not. But I think, considering how much lower the risk seems, with previous company projections of profitability for the year, and debt coming down, and, most importantly, sales going UP for the last 2 quarters, it's hard to see how prices of the last few days are remotely justified. Ask yourself: WHAT is fundamentally different from the day of the last earnings release? I suspect not much. We'll know for certain, though, after the NEXT earnings release. The retail and wholesale channels are still LIGHT on our company's products. That has been stated in the last few conf. calls. That is the UPSIDE RISK to our story. What if we have a quarter or two of "catch up" sales, to "restock" the channel to more reflect fundamental demand for COBR's products. Could that be a catalyst for a more significant move in the stock, especially if the Street sees something "more fundamental" in such a situation (rightly or wrongly)? It's a legitimate question. Please do your own due diligence. I'm just sharing some of what my thinking is. Fundamentally, at bottom, I own this stock for the discount to book, my belief about future earnings potential, my own personal perception of the brand value, as well as what this company could be worth, when the M&A environment heats up over the next 6-12 months (as I expect). Among other reasons.

    • with all due respect, your posts are a complete waste of time, lack any content other than a whining child.

      NO ONE told you to follow LTF. He's got a great position established here. Many of his other, debt laden positions look grim.
      At least with COBR he may have a huge opportunity IMHO.

      Cobra trades, as we know at less than 41% of current book value.
      They dominate most markets they serve and have an outstanding allegiance from American over the road truckers IMHO. Their brand recognition seems second to none.
      Their strong 1st quarter CB sales would reinforce the rumors of a large, potential ,trucker shortage nationwide, which began several months back.

    • cool beans

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