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  • value5612 value5612 Jul 30, 2013 2:35 PM Flag

    Almost got kicked in the balls on this one!

    Been watching this at the $3.00+ level and was considering a buy. My main concern was the heafty salaries of management yet minimal stock ownership and insider purchases at those levels. In poker, this is a `tell'. Went out of town this weekend and just checked on this again....Holy Sh-t! Even at $2.60 I wonder if this is dead money

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    • You gotta buy em when everyone has thrown em out. I think that is pretty much true here. Now that lawsuits are settled we could see better stock price down the road. Stock is cheap but mgmt. leaves much to be desired. We still don't know how much the settlement costs going forward. Great brand name and may be time to accumulate some at these prices with a couple better Q's approaching. Q3 nos. should give us direction. Buyout welcomed here.

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      • Bazet has no credibility. If there was transparency, they would have previously announced the patent/royalty dispute since it appears to be "material". The BOD is not independent. if they were they would haved dumped management along time ago.

        Given this latest surprises (lawsuit & losses), I will not buy another share of this stock, regardless of the apparent discount to book value. With all its new "hot products", sales have been declining. PPL is a loser and should be divested.

        Bad management=bad company. How can the BOD justify paying Bazet so much money for his pathetic performance?