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  • yellowstock22 yellowstock22 Apr 18, 1999 6:00 PM Flag

    FSACF undiscovered Internet Travel co.

    FSACF is an undiscovered Internet stock with an unbelievably low market
    capitalization. owns an 81% interest in, which is the leading European
    Internet travel agency. FSACF is currently trading at 2 3/8 and has a market cap of only 25
    million. The float is only 1.1 million!

    Leisure Planet has entered into agreements with
    Yahoo and Lycos. Leisure Planet will be the exclusive hotel and air travel services provider
    for Yahoo in Germany and France. The Lycos portal agreement extends for three years and
    makes Leisure Planet the exclusive travel partner for the Lycos travel web guide in 14 major
    European markets.

    The following link leads to an analyst recommendation for FSACF as
    published on the Silicon Investor web

    Here are links to FSACF�s latest press

    Leisure Planet is a global Internet travel agency. For consumers, Leisure Planet operates a
    full-service leisure travel site - which provides on-line flight, car and
    hotel booking facilities, and excellent travel guides for over 170 countries or regions. By
    providing integration of its virtual travel agency service, Leisure Planet also licenses its
    content and technology to selected Internet sites. To date, Leisure Planet's expanding group
    of high-profile distribution sites includes (USA),
    (Australia), (USA), (USA), (Sweden),
    (Denmark), (Norway), (UK), (USA), (South
    Africa) and (Germany). This pool of Internet distribution positions Leisure Planet as
    the premier global Internet distribution partner for hotels.
    ranks Leisure Planet 11th in Online Resources (higher than Yahoo travel) and 11th in
    Customer Confidence (higher than PTVL, Expedia, Yahoo, and

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    • I already received a reply to my frustration from
      Gerry. However, it came shortly after I sold my
      position. I was impressed that I even got a response, but
      it was nothing more than a summary of the last
      conference call. I will ponder the meaning behind "big time
      Good luck!

    • I have to admit, I finally sold my position two
      weeks ago. I will probably get back in later when
      things start picking up but in the meantime I need to
      make some money. I'm not sure what the cut was
      supposed to mean about me being a "bigtime investor"
      because I never claimed to be such. I simply want to see
      this company do something because I believe in the
      products they produce. If I were a bigtime investor I
      would be able to hang on to my position while making
      money in other places. Anyway, Motorola?? Cobra has
      enough problems. They don't need to get swallowed up
      into a company that will do less marketing for them
      than they are already doing. Again, just an opinion.
      However, it's nice to see new faces out here.
      Good luck

    • But the reason why I am accumulating this stock
      now is because I am waiting for Motorola to buy it
      for a song and dance. It would take nothing more than
      Motorola's lunch money to pick it up.
      I am not here to
      start any rumors, but if someone as dumb as me can
      think of this as a probable sequence of events, then
      maybe some Dumb A at Motorola can.
      I look at it this
      way. The directors of COBR own very little of the
      stock (and suck at running the company) thus making it
      near impossible for them to convince the majority of
      the shareholders not to take the deal.
      Besides, if
      I'm wrong, I can sell it for near or more than I paid
      for it. I will just wait and see.
      Hey Motorola!,
      just remember that some of the best deals are not the
      I see no poison pill here if we get an offer.

    • Are you sure you want to do this...I mean it
      could be years before these guys get it.

      I could
      sit here and tell you things like...COBR is trading
      way below book value...DOes 125 million in sales with
      only a $25 million dollar market value...could be a
      10-$20 stock...but you know what..?????

      I've been
      saying that for 2 years and the nobody

      Good luck and for Gods sake dont put more than %5 of
      your portfolio into this dog!!!!

    • Now I will join the rest of this board by waiting
      for nothing to happen. The directors of this company
      need to stop talking about share buybacks and get
      there butts out on the street getting shelf space in
      Walmarts, KMarts, malls, and grocery stores. In the farm
      belt, they need to have there little FRS in every Mom
      and Pop feed store.
      It takes more than geeks to
      run a company, it takes snake oil marketing and

    • <EOM>

    • The CFO's name is Gerry Laures and his e-mail address is I am certain that he would have a few minutes for a big time investor like yourself.

    • I don't understand this company! Where's the big
      purchasing strategy? It's quite obvious that the
      stockholders do not have a voice in this company's operations.
      I am, however, very suspicious of the recent news
      silence and inactivity of the stock. I truly believe
      there is something about to happen. We need an inside
      source. Maybe if we all showed up in the parking lot with
      pitchforks and torches they'd get the message!! Just
      kidding, of course.

    • Any ideas on how we can put some pressure on this
      lousey management kick them in the

      I can't believe they havent better marketed their
      FRS radios for Y2K and as a fantastic new product.
      Maybe they are thinking that all the other companies
      now in the market with cheaper products..will do the
      marketing for them..and all they have to do is just sit
      back and wait for the coming commodity pricing...then
      maybe they will add the lcd's to them.

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