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  • sheamanski sheamanski Sep 30, 1999 7:21 PM Flag

    Sad management team sad is this. THis whole team should be
    taken behind the woodshed.

    Looks like 150K
    shares out the door. I wonder if some fund rolled out of
    it after tired of waiting...for what???

    Shut the doors and send me my share of the $6 book
    value and well call it quits. It's obvious that
    manglement doesn't get it.

    I'm expecting +25cents
    this quarter after all the talk of new dist. channels
    and FRS sales etc. Anything less would be extremely

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    • I agree that an end product of what you are
      mentioning has to be accomplished. I disagree on your
      method. The press release is a great idea, probably
      should have been done, however who will read it? The
      same, step children of the Bears that have no real
      buying power. Somehow, this stock must pick up a
      following. By having a series of great quarters as well as
      having products endorsed by these big name shows will
      drive the price. One alone, will do nothing but waste
      energy and get all us losers excited about nothing. Tell
      your brokers, tell the analysts, tell everyone about
      this stock. It will still be around $4.50. Three years
      ago it was $2.50 and today it's $4.50. Yes, it has
      gone up above $10 and well below $4.50, but it is a
      value small cap stock. There is little interest in this
      type of stock on the street. It's an old machine and
      they know the mgmt's style and demeanor. They will
      look, listen and not buy the stock. Call everyone you
      know in the business and ask them about Cobra. They
      will tell why you shouldn't own the stock. That's not
      good. You sound like a bright person, do the research
      and let me know if my conclusions are accurate or
      just an anomaly.

    • the money asa1940, this mgt needs to get going, COBR is a good acquisition target, but as you said they need to get the word out.

    • I would have definitely capitalized on this free
      TV National Coverage. I would have issued a news
      release thanking Mr. Dan Rather for mentioning the
      product and company by name, I would have expanded on the
      positive aspects of this accident-prevention device, I
      would have stressed its importance and need. This
      coverage and newsrelease would have created interest in
      the investment community and news papers. Wall Sreet
      Journal would have covered it. These days, no mouse trap
      is good enough for the investors to come to the
      inventor of mouse trap. You have to go the investment
      community with your product and its potential. This is
      sometimes called advertisement and marketing. This is what
      is terribly lacking in COBR, otherwise its PE ratio
      would not be 2 but 20. Think about it.

    • How would you capitalize on this great coverage. I know that they collect PR information and share it with Buyers. What would you do? I will wait for your reply?

    • are very exciting and sometimes get national
      coverage.Two years ago, I was watching evening news on CBS
      with Dan Rather, he was discussing the problems of
      accidnets on Railway Crossings. He mentioned that a device
      manufactured by Cobra Electronics was successful in avoiding
      these accidents. Next day, I called the CFO in Chicago
      and told him of this news so that the Company can
      capitalize on this national coverage. They did not do any
      thing. The management stinks, the products are popular.


    • I then bought back in around four because I too
      thought it was "undervalue." I still will get back in
      once a solid game plan is announce with an exclusive
      product. I finally sold when the LA Times had them on the
      cover stating that they were having high returns on
      their products.

    • What happened.. Up 15/32. Not a King's ransom but I'll take 12 more days just like it.

    • is deader than Kelsey's nuts. Ask your Irish uncle what I mean.

    • Gum flapping better than the "news"; why
      apologize? Cut it loose! Stocks rise and fall based on what
      we all think they will do which gets down to
      politics. There is tons of criminal activity going on in
      every company that is covered up.

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