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  • sheamanski sheamanski Oct 27, 1999 2:46 PM Flag

    Sad management team


    I rolled out over the
    last coupla days around 4.375.

    WHile I agree
    there is value here..this management team just doesnt
    have what it takes.

    I'm afraid a hostile take
    out is the only way to unleash this value. Management
    is like pigs at the trough..only interested in the
    paychecck..mediocre results and a pension plan that takes care of
    them if they just muddle along and dont rock the

    The compelling value where even management cant
    butcher things further is when the stock drops to 3.25
    bid 3.373 offer..thats a 30% drop from here. Once
    volume dries up..she's back below $4..

    comment from the few believers?