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  • robertel65 robertel65 Sep 30, 2010 3:38 AM Flag

    Game Changer

    Yes Invest19967 I do use the words "GAME CHANGER" when talking about ACCP and it POTENTIAL ( REMEMBER THIS WORD POTENTIAL) to be a huge force in the industry.

    Just think of what happens if most injectables can be now give as a oral pill, its sales would increase dramatically, and it would raise the very huge question? Is this a new DRUG with a new patient life?

    ACCP is a company that has this type of delivery system and it remains to be seen that Davis and his hype about COBALIMAN will result in partnerships that would confirm this system.

    No AMOUNT of DAVIS hype will work, its the confirmation of another Pharma that will tell the story.

    Davis has claimed for 8 months that it will be partnered BUT I AND THE REST OF THE MARKET HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT DAVIS after his false report in July 2009 about the European results of MuGard.

    ACCP and SpePharm are not long together as I see it.

    As Invest and others post its been a long wait.