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  • robertel65 robertel65 Jan 21, 2011 9:39 PM Flag



    The man is a #$%$ just look at his life. Wants to tell all about my relationship to Davis, and because he is a "SMALL TIME PLAYER" he has no idea.

    First we own myself and other investors 600,000 shares of ACCP average price $2.06.

    Of course we meet and talked to Davis many times, and we invited him onto out Yahoo Group and he joined and posted many messages.

    The great fallout can when Davis did not deliver on any promises, and when I was in Paris ( I live in France 150 days each year) I reported that SpePharm was in fact NOT SELLING any Mugard, and that's when our Group and Davis had a real falling out, in fact I tried to get him put into a secondary position by suggesting that the COB hire a COO with broad Pharma experience.ACCP has the potential of having huge product sales, it needs a major Pharma partner , not a small time player like Davis.

    That said DWESR is a #$%$, sitting on his computer in the basement of a Taco BELL one staring posts on many boards, with over 100 ids.

    The real fact as you see his post there is not one business thought and that is because he has lost all his money in CRAP like COIN and that is when we get involved. Coin was a great promotion and we shorted the hell out of it and made lots of money, and DWESR never understood what was going on as their management went selling shares to the public through MM and offshore shorts, hell they went from 6,000,000 shares to 90,000,000 shares in 2 years.

    We have no position in COIN now as they are trying to change their company but for sure they will have some sort of reverse split to reduce the outstanding shares, however , we are not involved now.

    As for ACCP I am still not impressed with Davis and until I see a money Partnership I will press for his replacement

    In the mean time enjoy the post fron SKIIDADY, and the stuff from REMO they have had a many year relationship with the #$%$ .