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  • robertel65 robertel65 Jan 22, 2011 7:05 PM Flag

    paulzeh post from the Coin Board

    ww_diane_do - give us something new! 12-Jan-11 03:49 pm Seriously, dickless clown is all you got?

    Click View Messages for ww_diane_do posts. Every one of his/her posts is pointless with the reference to a dickless clown. Seriously that is like 30 messages in a row. Are you like 9 years old and figured out how to breach the parental block your parents put on the PC or are you some sort of homosexual ex carnival freak?

    ww_diane_do, we heard your lame insult the 1st 100 times, wasn't funny then, still not funny. My 5 year old even changes his jokes like once a year. Rating :
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