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  • dwesr dwesr Jan 22, 2011 7:21 PM Flag

    Hey sound frustrated and exasperated


    ....and that's just over your losses with ACCP!! Do you know what "exasperated" means, you illiterate BIG, FAT, LYING GREASY TURD.

    What did "Jeff" have to say tonite? Remember: only YOU know how to communicate with's YOU who has all the insider information.

    Sick sack of krap, you are, old man... That 5yo kif of yours that you talked about on the COIN board....another f'king lie, eh, you fat pig? Trying to make the COIN crown think you're a virile old geezer? Do you know what "virile" means, you illiterate POS?

    This topic is deleted.
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