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  • investyes investyes Oct 7, 2011 3:33 PM Flag

    The BFLGT's love affair with "Jeff"

    hey wesr,
    also have sizeable investment. much of the negative chatter on this message bored is amatuerish and/or delusional IMAO. do they understand the company, rhetoricallly speaking.
    GLT friend.

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    • It's unfortunate that the majority of posters here have believed (for how many YEARS??), and continue to believe that there will be an ACCP "judgement day" coming. They have sunk their money and their lives into it, and consider all those who didn't invest in ACCP early on (HA!) will be lost when the "judgement day" comes.

      Then there's the ACCP Jim Jones bullsh*tters (the BFLGT comes to mind) who dole out the kool aid, even tho it's FALSE kool aid (from Wal Mart), and are offended if they are asked to back their krap up with SUBSTANCE and REAL, DOCUMENTED PROOF of SUCCESS, rather than raising that old, tattered flag of "but ACCP, Mugard, etc. have so much POTENTIAL." Then there's the posted excuses for ACCP's failure......(must be a democrat thing).

      Makes one want to puke.