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  • robertel65 robertel65 Dec 19, 2011 5:16 AM Flag

    From May 2010

    REMODAWG --Robert, you are oh so correct. Lizzie is very ill. 21-May-10 07:42 am

    Lizzie is DWESR

    I glance at the ACCP board now again to see what vulgar insane mischief lizzie is up to. I see the one-stars always on your posts and the many idiotic, vulgar, repetitious dwrs posts.

    It's truly amazing. Your only sin that has stoked this social misfit's rage was stating some very factual negative things about COIN on this board and sharing some positives about ACCP. Despite his irrational obsessive reaction and vulgar adhomiem posts targeting you on this board, for a very long time you kept your responses rational, about COIN, and devoid of personal attacks. Yet this sick lizard has obsessively and mercilessly stalked you on the ACCP board with baseless personal attacks and said idiotic equally erroneous things about ACCP and your investment in it. Yep, thats the crazy-ass lizard. Glad you are seeing and sharing the humor of his idiocy.

    BTW, among my posts one-starred this morning (with upwards of 60 one stars, lol) is a post about my true identity. I threw it in lizard's face well knowing it wouldn't shut him up but just to see what he'd do. Lizard has, of course, rejected it (calling me yet again a liar.)even though he knows its true and includes the same current photo I use on my Facebook page.

    BTW, it explains why I never took you up on your golf challenge.

    Don't think that reverse split is coming for a while. Gildea is still in new share issuing mode. He may well have some success. This is his strong suit. Perhaps in a year or so when the share count is well north of a hundred million shares assuming Gildea and his following of crooks and fools can keep the boat afloat that long. Not many here understand what you saying when you forecast that. I think I do.

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    • briar check......

    • Robert, ask stinky about his Buyloww ID, he seems to have had a little problem with it. The mindless lizard has been extremely entertaining on the WINN board. I think he's spent a month of his life one starring me there. Seems I picked up a small fan club that would 5 star my posts to keep the briar busy! Good luck with the ACCP, I'm out for a while but may get back in around the 1st of the month.

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      • SKIIDADY

        Good to hear from you and the best of the Holiday season to you and yours.

        Yes the LIZARD is still one staring all my posts nothing changes 100 Id's and a moron to boot.

        Glad you are not in ACCP now its been a painfull 3 plus years, but I still have a bit of faith left,and it is also very hard to get out of the position that I am in, its not been my finest choice. Thanks that it is not a major $ amount be it is still a good size number and I am down $0.65 cents after all that time.

        I will look at the WINN Board to have some laughs and I do miss Remo and his cartoons wish I could find them and replay them on ACCP board. ( I and my wife did meet Remo in Palm Beach last year when my wife was decorating a Penthouse near where he lived) had some drinks and talked about the Lizard.

        Hope all stays well with you in 2012.