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  • tdtnvvm tdtnvvm Oct 2, 2007 11:29 PM Flag

    Cannot believe what I am reading

    It has been years before visiting and i cannot believe what i am reading. Post after post talking about Cancer, MMD, HARS, ALS, ROP, FOB/FOP, huge revenues coming from Italy... and hundreds and hundreds of recs and five stars... Never seen something quite like this. Guys you are being taken to the cleaners by some sinister characters here. The reality is things still have to pan out, chances are slim and nothing is a slam duck. Then in case you haven�t noticed, the Street does not give a damn at this particular moment in time about bio firms. That does not help. Have known this company and Allan for quite a while, he is doing fine thank you, and i sincerely doubt we will see the pps above $1 in the next few months (and yes, i know all about data to be released and "announced" FOB partner before EOY). My bet is a 5:1 reverse split before EOY to avoid delisting. It has already been mentioned. Good luck to all.

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    • all the spam of billions big partner is just that spam.

      This company could be bought for 200 M RIGHT Now - it would be impossible to stop that price - 1.85 The float is so big
      and Instit ?co acct for about 12%

      I came for a trade but Money says Nope

    • YOU can't believe what you're reading. Ha! This post is a joke. ALS revenues and its growth in Italy is fact. Italian legislative proposal to buy all Italian ALS patients IPLEX is fact. MMD and HARS PIII enabling trials starting buy EOY is fact. ROP study with IPLEX at Harvard is fact. 2 million+ warrants just bought in May to buy at exercise price of $1.10 is fact and those vest 11/07. No need for reverse split unless sp not over $1 for 10 days before 6/08 is fact. You're a lying basher is fact. Now you too are on ignore is fact.

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