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  • sixftleprechaun sixftleprechaun Oct 15, 2007 9:12 PM Flag

    Unknowledgable posts about shorts trading etc

    Anyone who has the smallest experience in trading knows shorts naked shorts manipulators and other nonsense are for those who get their trading information from a Yahoo! MB.

    The short interest is not a factor in the trading of this stock nor is there a hedge position.If you do not know this you should not be commenting about Insmed share trading.
    Most likely this is a move that some are making a good profit and adjusting their position but how much it goes is speculation.2 dollars perhaps,80 cents perhaps.sell on the news perhaps.But to say the shorts are trapped or the....
    Tomorrow may be a bad day for bios based on the DNA shortfall this eve

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    • I agree.My scenerio is the stock moves up to say 125 in order to stay off the sheets(and those that pushed this move get out)and drops back to a dollar for another long time next year.The additional 20% will come from some sort of deal but it wont mean much with small rev( 4M - CEO) news not till late 2008.Good trade short term hold and ignore the squeeze crap,it surely is from the "unknowledgable"

    • Shorts are real...
      Naked Shorts are real...
      Manipulators are real...
      Hedge funds are very real...

      Oh, okay... There is no evidence at this point that they have anything to do with the current activity in INSM. And, there is not enough short interest to be able to do anything at the moment.

      But, come on... admit it. Conspiracys are always fun. And... anyone with the smallest experience could see that manipulators WERE having a field day with this stock from March to August.

      Happy Hunting,


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