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  • reluctant_observer reluctant_observer Nov 15, 2007 11:57 AM Flag

    just a reminder regarding 10 days above 1.00

    It really doesn't matter. if we show weakness, and act like it does, other players will use that against us. This company is so strong right now that it will get another extension. PERIOD.
    It has slowly chugged uphill, David against Goliathian Mega Corporations (DNA) it has handled hedgefunds consolidated attacks, stealth bashers, market vageries and massive drops, and even hi_lee a loyal long in a crisis of faith.
    It moves forward, Allan moves forward and now Glover moves us forward.

    Recently we heard annecdotal evidence from an American film maker that it was the best of everything out there for ALS. It was first hand experience from a guy who appears to be able to afford any type of treatment.

    We have heard Glover and Allen both tell us that things are about to pop.
    We have heard of pending partnerships, and current NPV of Iplex alone at 8.33 cents a share in Allan's belief.
    I construe that as guidence from the top.
    Congress works toward FOB's.
    Boulder plant is ready.
    Insty's have increased....
    this is just a daytime soapopra here.
    We enjoy hassling each other while we wait, and both the longs, the swingtraders and the bashers ALL KNOW that this is a winner. Each is simply trying to profit from their angle.

    So..enough with the 10 day thing. In light of everything else...that is simply moot.
    Have a good one all.

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