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  • gladpick gladpick Dec 5, 2007 2:49 PM Flag

    need to use tax loss

    For 2007 I need to use my loss in INSM to offset my 2007 capital gains. I like to get back in, however, AFTER the required 31 days. Do you anticipate any impending news or event that may effect pps between now and December 27 as well as Jan 2 thru 27 of 2008 so that I can time my exit and re-entry? TIA

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    • yes...

    • OMG if we could do that we would all be rich.

    • I'm not really good as a prognosticator but what the heck I'll try here. Maybe DNA will opt-in sooner than they thought after today's bloodbath at DNA


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      • historian, looks like you guys are grasping at straws now. Why would DNA opt in before they get all the results? Explain your logic here. Pitiful just pitiful, we are stuck for at least 3 more months so you might as well get used to it.

      • Gee just a hip shot huh? Only what the third time you have posted that.

        I really want to understand why you think that would be even the slightest bit likely. What does DNA gain by opting in now?

        What are they going to do, opt in for ,oh lets pull a rabbit out of a hat, HARS. They get to pay half of any expenses thus far and in the future... I bet that would make the DNA shareholders happy.

        Of course DNA could show its shareholders the great Phase II trials result INSM had for HARS... oh wait, what are those results again.

        Of course DNA could say hey we think it will be great and by opting-in now, we get this great deal with INSM, whereas if we waited till just before the opt-in deadline... ah well, it would be the same deal.

        Please explain this to me, I could very well be missing something but it does not make sense to me.


      Haven't you been reading this board at all for the last 4 months.

      News is coming TOMORROW!!!!!

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      • <<Haven't you been reading this board at all for the last 4 months.>>
        To be honest with you, no I have not been reading this board since INSM lost its case--I simply got very discouraged/pissed. I nevertheless was planning to keep my shares hoping long term its pps would improve. Also I did not think I will have any capital gains this year (I am a long term investor) except one of my major stocks was automatically sold one morning because of positive news before markets opened before I could raise my "sell price till cancelled." So now I have to catch up with what is going on with INSM.

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