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  • scoopjoe scoopjoe Mar 14, 2008 12:40 PM Flag

    Bargain Basement Store is Open!

    Capitulation to the Weaklings...

    Dazed and Out, Licking Wounds...

    Great News Germinating...

    Renewed Interest Develops...

    Word of Efficacy Electrifies...

    Big Buyers Enter...

    SP Begins Explosive Ascent...

    Call Me Crazy....But Dreamers Never Lie!

    Scoop Up Cheap INSM Shares While You Can

    Scoopjoe...Still A BELEIVER!!!!

    Over and Out, for now....

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    • How about you guys that have shares of other stock go ahead and sell a few and use that cash to buy some of these bargain basemenet INSM shares today! It looks like one of the big problems is that people aren't doubling down on ther investment.
      When this thing takes off you need to have these cheap shares in your pocket to see tha beig profits.

      Unless anyone thinks I'm pumping, GA is still one of the lowest forms of life I know of. He's killing people by his greed. How many MMD, HARS and ALS patients will die while he sits on his wonderful IPLEX trying to work better and better deals that never materialize.

      • 1 Reply to phytobomb
      • Minchie, does the 89 refer to your age? You're a bit hard on my scenario for INSM. If you've lost your dreams, why bother with this board?

        INSM still has its proven FDA science, on-going trials, potential winners in seven categories, and despite plenty of air escaping SP, for the time being, the same prospects we saw and felt three months ago.

        People continue to buy and sell, based on whatever their situations. Shares trade. Lately, the trend is down, after having been up quite a spell. Could it switch around and shut some mouths? I suppose so. That was the point of my 'capitulation' post, that at some point, it might as well be now, a bottom will form, good news will re-appear, and the SP will reverse upward.

        Who will be left aboard when this happens? Will you? I know, if and when it happens, I will still be aboard, with more or less the number of shares I own, today.

        My 'pumping' is not to deceive. It's simply to relate my outlook and expectations. I've also posted negative points. I'm certainly not in love with Allen and his management style, or lack thereof.

        So, why don't you ease up on your hard core oppostion to my thoughts and posts concerning INSM's possibly direction?

    • Stop pumping a stock you have no idea what is going on in the inside!
      1. Liftoff is about to take place (Please lift toilet lid and stick your head in)
      2. Classic pump and dump (thanks for the warning, we're to stupid to figure that out)
      3. This will be huge. (Sorry, can't say the same for your brain)
      4. Pigs get slaughtered. (we want the pigs to get slaughtered)
      5. Backing up the truck (WHY? you moving out of your trailer?)
      6. I'm loaded up (You're loaded alright,stop spending all your stock lesson money on BEER!)
      7. Loaded the boat. (I see, you just bought 5 whole shares of some po-dunk company..way to go slick)
      8 Should I buy now. (LMAO, you're asking these idiots how to spend your money)
      9.Big news soon! (How the hell would you know that, you work for the company?)
      10. Enjoy the ride(The only ride you enjoy is when you take the bus to visit you're mother)
      11. Lift off is about to take place (You need to lift your ass off the couch and get a JOB)
      12.I'm OUT! (OH, sold both of your shares today)LMAO
      13.Institutions are buying. (You belong in an institution!)
      14.BREAKOUT!( Your wife getting out of prison)
      15.Time to get on board (Good idea,LMAO I'm going to get on the sinking ship you're on with my money, I don't think so idiot)

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