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  • biowatchdog biowatchdog May 17, 2008 10:31 AM Flag


    10/778636 Bioexpertise

    Also, does anyone know who owns the method of use patent on IGF-1/IGFBP3 with other compounds for treating cancer?

    Just wondering...


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    • This is not "bashing" or spam or hype

      Insmed is taking right to the wire and I expect a Reverse split as no partner looks forthcoming

    • Simple - either the street is greeted with a partner they like or there is a buyout or reverse split else its the pink sheets

      These abstracts posts and big money from Italy are assinine

    • Desmond Mascarenhas...good catch...other patents? Anything assigned to Insmed?

      This is the same structure under which ROP is being investigated. The LLC is created to "own" and assign under rights to...take a guess...


    • Found one that cross references DNA, Celtrix, and others. The patent search was very complete:

    • This is very, very interesting bwd:
      The inventor has surprisingly found that IGFBP-3 may not be generally effective in controlling tumor growth when used alone, as was previously postulated by several investigators. Nevertheless, the inventor has found that IGFBP-3 is effective in synergistically sensitizing tumor cells to the stressful effects of co-administered agents such as adriamycin and taxol, when administered systemically to animals in doses at which IGFBP-3 itself is ineffective in controlling tumor growth when administered alone. This was true even when the dose of IGFBP-3 used in the experiment approximated the maximum practical dose of IGFBP-3 usable in a clinical scenario for economic, technical, or other reasons.

      This finding was unexpected because IGFBP-3 had previously been thought to control tumor cell growth on its own (Sommer et al., supra), based on the in vitro data. The synergistic sensitization phenomenon disclosed herein may also explain why IGFBP-3 has been sporadically associated with negative effects on cell survival. The combination of stress or damage (whether chemically induced, biologically induced, physically induced, or otherwise effected by cell culture conditions) and IGFBP-3 administration may be the true cause of apoptosis in such cases. One way to show this directly is to place cultured tumor cells under nutritional stress by growing them at sub-optimal nutrient concentrations. By the line of thinking posited above, the subsequent addition of IGFBP-3 should have a dramatically greater effect on cell death (apoptosis), than the same dose of IGFBP-3 added to the same cell line growing under normal nutrient concentrations."

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      • cont.
        "Disclosed herein are methods for alleviating the symptoms of disease. In one embodiment, an effective amount of IGF-binding protein or derivative thereof is systemically co-administered with a chemotherapeutic agent to a subject having cancer, thereby alleviating the symptoms of the cancer.

        In another embodiment, IGF-binding protein or a derivative thereof is systemically co-administered with other biological modifiers such as ligands of retinoid or thyroid receptors, or antibodies capable of binding target cell molecules, to the subject with disease.

        In yet another embodiment, IGF-binding protein or derivative thereof is administered as described in the other embodiments, but the administration occurs indirectly, using a gene sequence delivered by a viral vector or other vehicle, or using an inducer or antagonist.

        In certain aspects, the invention provides methods for alleviating the symptoms of cancer, by administering a co-administered agent together with an effective amount of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (IGFBP-3) or derivative thereof to a subject having cancer under conditions wherein the administration of IGFBP-3 or derivative alone does not alleviate said symptoms of cancer."


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