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  • hi_lee_evolved hi_lee_evolved Oct 11, 2008 3:18 AM Flag

    From John Kerry

    "John McCain has shown a stunning failure of leadership. His campaign, in a time of economic crisis and foreign policy drift, has degenerated into a negative and nasty campaign of smears.

    The reports are piling up of ugliness at the campaign rallies of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Audience members hurl insults and racial epithets, call out "Kill Him!" and "Off With His Head," and yell "treason" when Senator Obama's name is mentioned. I strongly condemn language like this which can only be described as hate-filled.

    According to reports, every ad paid for by the John McCain campaign is now a negative ad - every single one! McCain allows his running mate to make outrageous charges that only a few years ago would have disqualified someone from serious consideration for national office.

    We cannot stand by and allow this to happen. We need to fight back, spread the word about what kind of low campaign he's running, and make sure people know the truth."

    The Republicans and Rush Limbaugh keep saying that the liberal Democrats are "haters," but it sure seems that it is the other way 'round. The ugliest campaign since the 19th century. Republicans should be too ashamed to continue.

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    • Add-in all the incredibly horrible media coverage on McCain from Obama's media-lovers, then I'd say... tit for tat.

      The media has announced its obvious erection for Obama, and inability to report balanced news... maybe they are just fighting back.

      But this is politics, people. Everyone acts soooooo surprised when it gets a little ugly. It is deeply imbedded in our political/media system. No way around it. Hamilton dueled for crying out loud and killed somebody, or was killed... It slipped my mind. Anyways...

      From the first president to now, smear campaigns, whether it be from the media or the losing team, have been around since the early days of our Republic. And so has a winning team who acts so high and lofty when the smears are against them, knowing deep inside that they'd be smearing just as hard if the tables were turned.

      Obama didn't get his seat in the senate from being a nice guy. No, he got it from politically hamstringing his opponent. He's no stranger to the ugliness of politics.

      Where do you think this trooper-gate business SUDDENLY came from? Could it have been the hundreds of lawyers from the obama camp, sent to slice her throat,? I don't know... hmmmmm... I mean, its not like he did it before... NO WAIT! That's how he got his senate seat!!! Interesting.

      I hear the whining Obama camp and I say, "give me a crybaby break. Poor wittew you. Go cry to your terrorist buddy." If you can't take a little dirty politics, how are you going to take on mass-murderers as Commander and Chief?

    • I believe Obama's wife let the cat out of the bag in that first speech she made. There is so much hate America in the Obama household. Thats the reason all the haters are around him, they believe the same way.

    • Well... I certainly think that article shows once and for all what an idiot John Kerry is...

      The Republicans are angry because Obama is surrounded by a large number of very serious and alarming associations and, while Fox News is working hard to get him to address these concerns, his campaign is ignoring them or discounting them. And, while they are doing that, they are accusing the Republicans of being "hateful" because they have the audacity to bring these issues up.

      But, the real reason Rebublicans are angry is because mainstream media is ignoring the issues. And, if they do address them, they discount them as if they are speaking on behalf of the Obama campaign.

      These are very serious issues. While the American people are concerned about the economy, they are equally concerned about the character of the Presidential candidates. And, to say that we should only be discussing the economy is idiocy.

      If a murderer/rapist were running for President, should we only be talking about the economy??? The same goes for a guy who has Obama's connections. Think about it with a clear mind for a second. Every single one of his associations has been an association for years and he has disassociated himself with these characters only since his campaign started! If there's nothing there, then why is he disassociating himself with them?

      I want to hear Obama explain himself. He doesn't want to explain himself because he knows that the truth is VERY damaging.

      What is his full association with ACORN?
      Why did he pay ACORN's mother company $800,000???
      Why was he so close to Aires for so many years? Did he really think the guy was reformed, like was stated yesterday???
      Why did he continue to listen to Wright for so many years and look to him for spiritual guidance? Why didn't he disassociate himself from Wright years ago?
      Why did his wife work with Dorn?
      What did he have to do to get such a great house deal from Rezko? Why is he even associated with someone like Rezko??? This guy has been a known sleazeball for years!
      What is the real story in Kenya? How much guidance did Obama really provide to the Prime Minister's campaign?

      I am amazed that you don't even have an inkling of a clue that something may be wrong here! We now have FBI investigations into ACORN in every battleground state. Don't you have any curiousity at all about this?

      You seem to have every bit of suspicion about Bush and the ability to blame him for everything regardless of how vague the information may be. But, when it comes to Obama, where the evidence is so widespread, so abundant, and so damaging, you seem to think that the only problem is Republican hate.

      Get a clue. The Republicans aren't the problem. Obama is. Their frustration is an alert flag, not a cause. Folks like you just don't get it or, you get it but you're so locked in on your own hatred that you're willing to lie, misdirect, and throw confusion out there.

      What a waste of skin...

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      • "...But, the real reason Rebublicans are angry is because mainstream media is ignoring the issues. And, if they do address them, they discount them as if they are speaking on behalf of the Obama campaign...."


        Vote FOR Palin!


        Lie to a pollster.

        Shading, (or anyone else here) is the Democratic Party campaign being deceptive and practicing deceit? What does the Bible say about this in the last days? Is the US mentioned in prophecy?

      • The lesser of 2 evils again!
        Perhaps people will reconcile the facts, that both of these clowns are incumbent( senators ) from a botched system!! They were both financed by multi-billion dollar corporations. They both will continue to outscorce American jobs. They both will increase entitlements for votes. They both wine & dine with pompous ceo's n cfo's. etc I could fill this page up. Perhaps if we were allowed a list of political contributers, we'd find numerous similarities. American Democracy has been hi-jacked by a two party system. Nobody else is even allowed in a debate. This isn't how our founding fathers planned it. They didn't have multi billion dollar corps financing thier campaigns.(& have to adhere to their special interests)

        In order to become a democratic society again, you have to take corporate financing out of politics! You have to remove all lobbyists from the market & politics. You have to enforce laws that apply to the upper eschelon. We the people keep getting canidates from the top 2% of the wealthist people in America. Only money runs only money wins. We are simply getting the biggest spenders! That's not what a democratic society is about! They will continue to enforce strict laws & guidelines for us to follow, leaving themselves exempt from prosecution. All of our financial problems are going to continue till someone is held accountable in a court of law! Washington & their business associates have been pilfering astronomical amounts. You wanna talk about hoarding!!! The whole world is getting p'o'd now. They have become so full of themselves they aren't coherent. Washington & their "rich buddy fail safe system", has become fiscally insane!!!!
        We the people are no longer relevent.

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