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  • linkman_insm linkman_insm Jun 25, 2009 11:04 PM Flag

    ** Somebody tell me ......

    where is the downside?
    Cash on hand
    Iplex still valuable ROP,ALS
    No debt

    This is the bottom.

    Shorty must cover and there are plenty that knew results ahead of time.

    Wake up people it will be a slow steady climb that will still yield 50% by the end of the year and more if we get bought out.

    This is the comfort6 level. No down side. ONLY FOOLS sell into panic.


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    • Whatever is going to happen is being driven by RBC and their corporate communications company. Accentuating the negative is probably a risk management strategy to avoid potential lawsuits. Again, if I were selling the company I'd get the bad news out first so the buyer isn't penalized. This also allows the buyer to buy shares cheap and lower their average cost. If you watched you saw that their were just a few large block traders on both sides of the trade - probably churning shares and picking up the shares being dumped by retail. After they dropped it quickly they kept it in a tight range all day on purpose.

      This seems to be a fairly calculated exercise right now - to what end we'll find out soon enough. Long term there's probably a few hundred million in revenues for the company even without mmd so it has some real value. But, I doubt shareholders will ever see most of it. I just hope it gets bought out sooner than later.

    • thats what I thought but someone said that after a flatline day the following day it open down 90 % of the time is that true. it seem to close better then expected well above the open anyway

    • youu are the biggest idiot Ive ever seen investing in Bios

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